Top 10 Simple Yet Effective Weight Loss Tips

Top 10 Simple Yet Effective Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight and maintaining it, is not difficult if you do everything with a little research and make small changes in your lifestyle. You feel like losing weight, but not sure where to start? After going through this article you can easily start your weight loss program.

Maintain a Food and Exercise Diary

This is the most perfect way to keep a record of what you have eaten and how much you have worked out? This is your fitness program and you have to achieve a goal so be honest. Write what you eat and also mention how long you pump the iron daily?

Do Exercise to Maintain your Weight Loss

Regular exercise will help you to burn your body fat and increase your metabolic rate. Metabolic rate also burns fat even when you are resting. Follow a continuous workout plan even if you do it for 30 minutes only and five days a week. Consistency pays in the long run.

Measure Your Food

In case you are making a new recipe which directs you to use a tablespoon of extra butter. Don’t follow this as a little more amount of butter used regularly will pile up and could bring unwanted results.

Eat What You Like

Yes, you can have a treat once in a while in order not to feel too deprived. You can have a chocolate or fast food, but remember to have a small treat only.

Make Long Term Goals

Everyone wants to lose weight, but if you follow a slow weight loss program, then your body will adjust to it. So when you are making your goals to lose weight think about it as a long term goal.

Relish your Food

When you are eating, enjoy your food to its fullest. Enjoy the texture and the flavor of the food. This will bring a kind of satisfaction.

Workout Intensity

When you start your fitness regime as a beginner, you can start with 2 to 3 times per week. But feel comfortable in the workout and increase the intensity level slowly. A gradual increase in the intensity plan will help you lose weight constantly.


Motivation plays a vital role when you want to achieve some benefits from 5-HTP. You need to stay dedicated to your workout plan and for this you can purchase new shoes and T-shirts. In order to stay motivated you can also celebrate your accomplishment of weight loss goals even if they are small. Small achievements have the power to motivate you to work harder.

Weigh Yourself

Don’t weigh yourself everyday right after eating something. You can have a specific weekday to take your weight. And if you wish to know more about the benefits from 5-HTP, then you can contact experienced trainer or a physician.

Enjoy the Workout

If you will perform the same workout every day, then after a few weeks your body will get accustomed to it. That is the right time to change your fitness program a little. You can add new things in your workout plan in order to make it exciting. You can go to dance classes; you can play football or simply go for jogging.

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