Tips to Remain Healthy while Traveling

1178014_silhouette_runningIf you are going to partake in the local fare please do not eat the street food. Some individuals, believing that they have a cast iron, powerful stomach, push the limits and invariably wind up sick and miserable for their trip. This is just 1 simple example of how you can stay healthy while traveling. Too many individuals believe that they are bullet-proof and take unnecessary risks when it comes to sampling local foods, staying out late or waking at early hours after a rough night’s sleep. You cannot make drastic changes to your diet or daily schedule and expect to remain healthy, and fit as a fiddle. Think through your travels before you set out to enjoy your time spent in a new location.

Follow Your Logic When it Comes to Your Diet

These rules apply strongly to domestic travelers. Folks sometimes forget to follow their logic if they do not happen to be traveling across the world but if you are used to consuming a clean, vegetarian diet and travel to a location where deep fried food are the norm, you are doomed if you go overboard with these rich, fatty foods. You can only process what you can process so pull back on your binge fest and begin to eat a normal, healthy diet, as you are already accustomed to.
Continue to consume healthy, leafy greens, complex carbohydrates like whole wheat bread and fresh fruits so you can remain fit, feeling high energy for your trip.

Get Enough Rest and Stop Partying Hard

Just because you are on vacation does not mean you should be partying like an animal, staying up until 5 AM and sleeping in until 4 in the afternoon. If you are accustomed to working a 9 to 5 schedule you need to stick to that schedule throughout the day so that you do not throw your system a massive curve ball. You will thank yourself for getting a solid 8 hours of sleep each night and acting like an adult, not some frat boy or sorority girl, staying up until the wee hours of the morning getting plastered.
Of course you should enjoy your trip. Feel free to have a drink or 2 and stay up a little later than normal, but if you feel the need to drink like mad into the wee hours, you are trying to escape from something, or your job, or your life in general. Spend a ton more time analyzing your life choices and consider a new career if you feel the need to act like a nut when you finally get the chance to take a vacation.

Exercise to Remain Lean and Strengthen Your Immune System

If you are traveling do not fall into the lazy habit of taking a taxi cab or bus everywhere you go, as this will add needless pounds to your physique. Instead of being a lazy bones try walking everywhere within an hour long walking time, and hit the gym in your hotel room too. Or you can simply hit the stairs for 30 minutes each day to tone your abs, legs and receive a kick butt cardiovascular workout. You cannot afford to get sloppy, binge like a pig and do no exercise for 3 days, let alone one week, or for a longer period of time.
Use your willpower. Show some discipline. Exercise each and every day on your vacation to remain healthy while traveling. Go for a walk, do push ups in your room and do not forget to toss in some sit-ups to power up your abs and core.
Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who covers all aspects of travel; if you are traveling through Pennsylvania, she recommends you stay at the Quality Inn Hotel in State College Pennsylvania.

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