Tips To Maintain Your Best Ladies Panama Hat

Panama hats, known for their fine weave and elegant appearance, are a prime choice among women, as they like to adorn their outfits with this amazing accessory. Made from natural fibres and crafted with hands by skilled craftsmen, the best ladies Panama hat are quite costly as well. If you own a Panama hat and would like to enhance its longevity and appearance, then it is crucial to adopt a few simple but effective maintenance tips, like the ones mentioned below

The first and foremost tip is to wear Panama hat in the right weather. It should be remembered that the prime purpose of these hats is to protect you from sun. Wearing it in the rainy season will not be a good decision, as the shape of the hat can be spoiled easily by water. If the hat gets wet then it should be left to dry on its own in shade, to avoid causing any damage to its shape.

Tips To Maintain Your Best Ladies Panama Hat

It should also be remembered that extreme moisture and dryness can prove devastating for a panama hat; thus it should be stored in a place where moisture level is moderate. Do not make the mistake of leaving it out in direct sunlight, as it can cause the straws to dry and break.

Crushing your panama hat is also not a good practice as it can cause irreparable damage to your prized possession. Being very flexible, these hats can be crushed easily, especially when trying to stuff it in a travel bag. Avoid doing this, if you do not want to break its soft strands. Also do not put any heavy object over the hat surface, as it can deform it.

Usually people pinch the hat while picking it up. This should not be done, as the straws can be broken if not handled properly. Ideally you should use a soft grip to grab the hat gently from top. Even better, use both hands to pick the hat from its brims. This way you can keep its shape and straws safe.

Wrinkles can form in the hat with regular use and these can be removed with a little care. To get the hat back into its shape, use a damp and soft cloth to place on its brim and then iron it on moderate temperature. After this, you can conveniently reshape the hat using your hands in a delicate manner.

If you notice any wrinkles on your Panama hat then instead of using any harsh chemicals or rubbing it vigorously, use a damp cloth to clean the stain softly. In order to get rid of dust and stains accumulated on the hat surface, you can also use a soft brush. A helpful tip is to remove the stains as soon as they appear, to avoid them from getting under the surface and causing permanent damage.

Owning the best ladies Panama hat reflects your classy taste and individual style. To maintain its condition it is crucial to ensure its proper care. You can follow the helpful tips mentioned above, so you’re your panama hat keeps looking beautiful for a long time.

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