Tips For Cleaning Your Trainers

If you’re into your trainers and streetwear, you’re likely to be very conscious of keeping them looking their best! So, we’re here with some simple tips for cleaning your trainers, whether they just need a bit of a refresh or need stains removed. We will also give you some tips on how to keep them clean in the future! So, get ready to transform your trainer collection with our tips for cleaning your trainers. 

Avoid The Washing Machine

Our first tip is an important one, which is to avoid the washing machine! Some trainers can withstand the water and pressure that comes with the washing machine, however it isn’t a risk that you should be taking, especially if you’re washing a more premium trainer like Air Jordan that you would be devastated about losing. Many trainers will be damaged by the water, as well as the fact that they will be spinning round in the machine for a long time, which could loosen fastenings on the shoe and potentially have catastrophic impacts! So, we will tell you the best ways to wash your trainers without a washing machine, but we can’t emphasise this point enough to help you avoid the disappointment of ruined trainers! 

Hand Wash Only! 

So, what you need to do instead is to hand wash your trainers. If you have very specialist trainers, it is worth taking them to a cleaning expert. However, you can hand wash them by filling up your sink with warm water and a mild soap. Soak your shoes in this mixture for a couple of minutes (longer if they are really dirty), and then use a toothbrush to remove any dirt that’s built up and not come off during the soak. Use gentle motions without scrubbing at the shoes and the majority of the dirt should come off. If it doesn’t, you likely need to follow our stain removing step which is coming up next! Finally, give your shoes a good rinse and then leave them to dry. You can handwash the laces, however it is safe for you to put them into your washing machine and they are also likely to come out a bit cleaner compared to hand washing too! Overall, hand washing is definitely the safest step when it comes to the main cleaning element, either this or going to a professional cleaner. 

Baking Soda To Remove Stains

If your shoes are very dirty and have some stains that have been difficult to remove, then you can remove them with things that you have at home. Again, if you have very delicate shoes or anything, then get them professionally cleaned. However, you can mix some baking soda in a bowl with a small amount of water, and then apply this to the shoes and gently scrub the shoes. Let this sit on the shoes for a maximum of 30 minutes and then wash them really well to remove all of the baking soda. This should help you to remove any stains even from your full tracksuits and clothing, but if not, you might need to take them to be cleaned professionally, as you don’t want to be doing anything more serious at home! 

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