Tips For Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist

If you are interested in dental procedures to approve the appearance of your teeth, your selection of a dentist is very important. Cosmetic dentistry is not an official specialty of the field, meaning there is no special training or education one must complete to earn the name cosmetic dentist. Any practitioner can offer these services, and bill themselves a purveyor of cosmetic dentistry. Here are some tips for finding one who is properly prepared to perform these sorts of procedures.

Doing Your Preliminary Research

Chances are, the first place you are heading when looking for a cosmetic dentist is the internet. While visiting a website alone is insufficient to properly gauge suitability, it can provide a nice starting point. Does the site look professionally designed? Is there lots of helpful information about the various procedures? Does it provide helpful information overall regarding oral health? This Summerville South Carolina dentist, for example, runs a regularly updated blog about various issues related to dental health including findings of recent studies, helpful tips and more. What feel do you get from looking at the site?

Tips For Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist


Training in cosmetic procedures is of utmost importance when selecting your dentist. Don’t hesitate to ask candidates about any courses they may have taken for fear of offending them. Examples include postgraduate classes in veneers, and other aesthetic procedures such as all-white restorations, laser dentistry and Invisalign. In dental schools, the amount of time devoted to cosmetic dentistry specifically is minimal, so education specific to this type of work is of the utmost importance, this cannot be stressed enough.

Membership in Relevant Associations

Membership in organizations relevant to a professional’s field are always good signs he has proper training, education and is serious about his field. Of course, there are no guarantees, but the willingness to invest in membership says something. As for cosmetic dentists, the most well-known association is the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.


The quality of technology is another consideration for choosing a cosmetic dentist. Examples of more advanced equipment that can help ensure more satisfactory results include digital X-rays, chair side monitors, dental lasers and intraoral cameras.

Previews and Photos

Naturally, you will want a pretty solid idea of what you can expect after your procedure. Does the dentist provide wax ups or digital imaging? Is there an ample gallery of before and after photos, with a good number showing the exact procedure you are looking to have?

Other Considerations

Because you will typically require multiple visits for most cosmetic procedures, you want to consider the location of the dentist and whether their office hours gel with your typical schedule. What sort of payment options are available as cosmetic procedures will not be covered by insurance? Some offer payment plans, or work with third party financing companies that specialize in providing financing for medical and cosmetic procedures. Inquire whether you can speak to actual past patients—a good dentist will happily give you some references. Make sure they use a master ceramist for their porcelain—that will heavily factor into the quality of your results.

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