Tingle Your Tongue: Best Tantalizing Hotel Restaurants In Bangkok Revealed

Tingle Your Tongue: Best Tantalizing Hotel Restaurants In Bangkok Revealed

You know the normal drill; staying at a hotel, you’d want to eat the best foods the hotel has to offer. The hotels of course, will try to cater to your every need providing authentic Thai, Chinese, Japanese or a mixture of everything to satisfy your greedy appetite. We’ll be listing out the top 4 best hotel restaurants featured in Bangkok’s luxurious hotels in the city. You can bet every fork and spoon the prices will be slightly overwhelming but it will surely make up for sizzling your taste buds in the best way possible!

 Four Seasons Bangkok

While Four Seasons is a 5-star hotel that is impossible to miss due to its monumental structure and location, this classic luxury hotel has some of Bangkok’s best hotel restaurants in it. Voted the most delicious Thai restaurant in Bangkok is the Spice Market. Simply put, the Spice Market’s menu consists of a large selection of dishes including chicken, pork, beef and fish for all patrons. Consider this place if you’re edging for real, authentic Thai food at the Four Seasons Spice Market. Highly recommended!

Tingle Your Tongue: Best Tantalizing Hotel Restaurants In Bangkok Revealed

Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok

The term ‘Shangri-La’ is often associated with the notion of ‘paradise’ or a place that exudes bliss and peace. This description can be used to describe the next 5-star giant on the list, the Shangri-La Hotel. Offering a range of international range of culinary delights from exotic Thai food to cosmopolitan dishes, Shangri-La will not disappoint. The best restaurant in this hotel is the Angelini. Best known for its authentic Italian cuisine, the seasoned Chefs take part in cleverly designing the dishes and balancing out its flavors. For those looking beyond simply eating, spaghetti, come to Angelini where you will not be disappointed!

Kempinski Hotel Bangkok

If you’re lucky enough to book a stay at the Kempinski Hotel, this hotel radiates European elegance, sophistication and complimented by classic Thai hospitality. Niche, one of the hotel’s newest restaurants to date offers something quite different than the rest. It’s in no way posh or primed but rather, simple, sweet and charming in its own right. The restaurant is for casual diners who prefer to sit back and relax while eating delicious sandwiches, healthy smoothies, salads, burgers and unmatched sweets. Designed to have a European café feel, Niche executes it brilliantly.

Mercure Bangkok Siam

When it comes to an unforgettable dining experience whether it’s casual dining with friends or with clients, the restaurants at Mercure Bangkok Siam will satisfy your stomach the best way it can. The 4-star hotel has three exquisite restaurants to choose from and one of the restaurants called The Eight Restaurant. In addition, guests can opt for a pleasant outdoor terraced dining also. Most interestingly, the hotel is accessible by all guests including customers from Ibis hotels as well. Cozy, clean and with highly attentive staff, patrons are recommended to try this hotel simply because of its Thai charms and unmatched Thai hospitality.

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