Things you need to do and think about before the renovation project

If you plan on renovating your home anytime soon, there are certain things you should check of your list before the renovation project starts. Here’s how you can successfully prepare yourself and your home for the big project. 

Set Up a Flexible Budget

First and foremost, you need to plan your budget. In order to do that, you need to have a general idea of what your renovation project will include. Whatever you rough estimate is, make sure to double it. You need to set up a budget that’s flexible. That way, you will be ready for any unexpected and additional costs that you may run into. It’s always better to anticipate a higher price. 

Have a Clear Vision of the End Result

During the renovation project it’s important that you have a clear image of what you want to achieve in your mind. You want to be able to visualize the end result. This will help you move towards your goal and adjust the renovation project accordingly. You can always look up references and inspiration posts online. For instance, Pinterest has a lot of great boards that you can look through.

Spend Time in the Space

This may sound obvious, but before the renovation project starts, you should spend some time in the space that is getting renovated. Making decisions about the new carpets, the colour of your walls, light fixtures, and other stuff.  That may seem a lot more intimidating and overwhelming than it actually is. Once you spend some time in the space you’ll start seeing the vision of the new space and how you want to change it.

Also, you will get a feel for how the space can be used to transform the look of it. For example, if you empty the room and walk around it for a bit, you can get an idea about how to arrange your furniture differently to make the space look bigger and have a better flow of energy in the living space. You can consider how everything would fit and work together within this new arrangement. That may even inspire you when you start choosing colours, décor, and furniture. 

Make a Five-Year Plan

Even if you’re starting just a small renovation project, having a plan and seeing a big picture will truly help you work through this project and reach your goal successfully. You can make a one-year plan, a two-year plan, or even a five-year plan that will help you navigate your renovation project in the right direction. You can make a list of things you want to get done and you can categorise them based on what your priorities are. Maybe some renovations tasks are more important than others and you’d like to get to them faster.

Get Recommendations for a Contractor and Construction Team

Since a construction team will be working continuously in your home for the next few months or even longer. You should find a team that you feel comfortable with. A healthy communication and respect between you is the key to a successful partnership. So, before you pick a contractor and a construction team, make sure to read reviews and get recommendations from friends, family members, or neighbours. 

Consult a quantity surveyor

Though you have already estimated a rough budget based on what you want to get done around your home. It’s always a smart decision to also get a professional estimate. Based on what materials will be used, your final cost may differ a lot. This also depends on where you live and where the construction team will be getting the materials from. If you live in Australia, you can consult a reliable quantity surveyor in Brisbane who will examine the material that will be used on your property and provide you with a more precise estimate on how much money this project will cost you. 

Expect the Unexpected

Lastly, even with all the planning included, unexpected events can still occur. 

For instance, once the contractor starts examining your home, they may notice some faults that should be addressed as well that you may not have noticed before. They may notice that your floor is uneven and should be fixed. They may notice a water leak problem in your bathroom that you didn’t spot. There are tons of additional renovation tasks on the side that may arise during this project that you didn’t see coming. So be prepared for the unexpected. For that very same reason, your budget should be flexible.


To sum up, there are a few things you should do to get ready for a renovation project. Alongside preparing a plan and a flexible budget. You should also spend some time in the space, consult the professional quantity surveyor, get recommendations for a contractor, have a clear vision of what you want, and always expect the unexpected. 


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