Things to Do in Kandy – The Capital of the Hill Country

Kandy is the capital of the Hill Country and it was the first city I visited on my trip to Sri Lanka. Kandy is known as the second city of Sri Lanka and also it is the first stop for most of the visitors from all around the world. Kandy is built around a 18th century stunning lake and midst of scenic views. The name Kandy is derived from the abbreviated form of Kandeudarata. Kandy is regarded as the most beautiful town of Sri Lanka and it offers almost everything to everyone who visits the city. If you are seeking for a holiday and looking towards the Sri Lanka then I would suggest you to make this city your first destination.


Lankatilaka Temple

Once you reached into the city, you would desperately want to go and spend some enchanting time midst of the beautiful outskirts and panoramic scenic views. At the outskirts you will find this unique Buddhist temple built of brick, stone and lime-plaster. The Lankatilaka Temple was built in 1344 during the time of King Buvanekabahu IV. The scenery behind this place makes it worth to visit and that’s the reason it always remains full of crowd.

Gadaladeniya Temple

If you are quite religious and have interest in the culture and tradition of Sri Lanka then I would suggest you to head to Gadaladeniya Temple. It’s located at Pilimathalawa in Kandy and on a small hill top. If you are going by car then you can easily access the place. Gadaladeniya Temple was built in 1344 by ruling emperor King Wickramabahu. The temple is famous for the paintings and architecture and also it has the beautiful natural surrounding which attracts many visitors.

Botanical Garden

Kandy has some natural attractions also such as Botanical Garden, the place is quite good but the entrance fee is very high. The place is full of different kind of plants and wild creatures. The orchid garden is small green house at one of the corner and the palm grove is good. Spend some time around the pond and catch some lizards and birds. All it take around 2-3 hours and if you get hungry then here you will find a suitable dining facility to have some good dishes.

Pinawella Elephant Orphanage

Sri Lanka is known for the conservation of Elephants and you can also experience how they take care of the elephants at Pinawella which comes on the way to Kandy. Try not to miss the Elephant Bath Time from 8:30 to 10:30 to the close river. Take a good camera with you to make this visit unforgettable. The tickets are quite high 2000 Rbs for foreigners and 100 only for locals, but believe me it’s a worth to visit. Take your kids on this adventurous ride and give them an ultimate experience. You can reach at Pinawella by a car or local transportation.

All above mentioned things to do and places to visit are best of Kandy, you can stroll to the city for shopping and dining, also you can enjoy the night life, have some party at the beaches as it’s all about the Kandy.

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