The Most Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is a tradition that has been around for many years. If this is your first time purchasing Valentines Day flowers for your loved one, you will want to know a bit of the symbolism involved in the purchase. Various cultures have used flowers to express love, sympathy, condolences and appreciation since ancient times. On Valentine’s Day, people use flowers to honour Saint Valentine, who performed a multitude of forbidden weddings. The flowers symbolize the deepest love for a person, whether such love is forbidden or not.


The Rose

The most popular type of Valentines Day flowers is the rose. The rose expresses deep emotion no matter what its colour may be. The red rose symbolises romantic passion, but a person can use the red rose to express love toward a parent or sibling. The white rose is a symbol of purity and youthfulness. One could shower a young person with a white rose or give it to a spouse on a wedding day. Pink roses are suitable for friendships and admirable acquaintances. Additionally, the lavender rose expresses supreme enchantment or immediate love. Roses also come in black, blue, peach, coral and yellow. They are the most powerful flower in the world.

The Carnation

Carnations are another popular flower among the line of Valentines Day flowers. The carnation can have a white, pink, yellow, purple or green colour. The meaning of the carnation varies, from admiration and luck, to gratitude or love. This alluring flower is often mixed with roses in a Valentines Day flowers arrangement for a deserving recipient. Ancient Romans and Greeks used the carnations as decorative, artistic items. A loving relative or mate can use carnations on Valentine’s Day to express his or her emotions toward someone of great importance.


Lilies are elegant and vibrant, and they are often included in a flower shop’s Valentines Day flowers assortment. Lilies serve multiple purposes. For one, they symbolize the innocence of one’s soul. Many people use lilies at funerals to honour the soul of the departed person. To the living, a delivery of lilies can mean sympathy, purity, friendship or devotion. Many people celebrate their second wedding anniversary with a batch of lilies, as they stand for long-lasting dedication.

Ordering Valentines Day flowers

A wide assortment of Valentine’s Day flowers is available on reputable online sites such as Flower Sales Valentines Day Flowers. If you are trying to make this Valentine’s Day special for someone, you have the option of browsing the line of gorgeous flower arrangements. FlowerSales guarantees flower deliveries in Australia by Valentine’s Day, so you would not have to stress about being late. The delivery person would deliver a fresh, vibrant bouquet on the morning or evening that you specify. The company guarantees same day delivery, as long as you place the order by 12 p.m. on Valentine’s Day.

With flowers as the primary gift on Valentine’s Day, no one could ever go wrong. Therefore, try sending that special loved one a little love in a bouquet or basket this year.

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