The Most Popular Culinary Destinations In Japan

The Most Popular Culinary Destinations In Japan

Japanese cuisine has been added by UNESCO to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Also called as Washoku in Japan language, Japan cuisine boasts something special for everyone. Here we list out the most popular culinary destinations in Japan.


Tokyo adorns the top position in the game of food for at least a century. Sushi, the world famous dish is from Tokyo that tantalizes our taste buds with raw fish pieces covered with layers of vinegared rice.


Kyoto serves a multi-course banquet of seasonal treats named kaiseki-ryōri at many hotels and restaurants. A vegetarian version of the banquet, named shojin-ryōri is also served. You will remember the fine mix of tastes and textures and the impressive presentation for years to come.


This is the place where you can find the Japanese cuisine, Takoyaki – octopus balls! It includes natural seafood balls and vegetables bound in batter. The place is also known for okonomiyaki, a batter pancake crested with squid, meat, sliced veggies and dressed with mayonnaise, sweet brown sauce, seaweed and flakes of dried tuna. Do you want to send parcel to Germany? Courierpoint is the spot to hit with your goods.

The Most Popular Culinary Destinations In Japan


Hakodate is a gourmet destination, known for numerous noodle dish ramen and a lamb barbecue, jingisukan. Besides this, seafood and fish are special items, especially salmon and crab.


Nagoya brings out Unagi, the grilled eel to taste and tantalize! Restaurants at this place serves spicy sauce based strips of eel in 3 styles – one is available on a layer of rice, second comes with a dried seaweed sprinkles, spring onion and wasabi paste and the last one is mixed in soup.


The castle town of Matsumoto features many restaurants serving soba noodles made from buckwheat. Other adventurous dish is Basashi that comes in thin slices of raw horsemeat.


Takayama is famous for sake breweries. You can taste Sansai-ryōri, a dish made from mountain veggies, wild plants and ferns along with hoba miso, a dish including beef or veggies combined with miso paste and roasted on a magnolia leaf over a charcoal brazier.


This city is known for Sanuki udon -chunky white wheat noodles that are served plain to immerse in a special flask of stock and you can choose condiments to flavor it.


Naha is known for Ryūkū-ryōri cuisine that uses almost all parts of pig to cook. Besides, seafood is also available to culminate the dining.

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