The Latest In Movie Production Technology: The Call Sheet App

The movie and TV industry is buzzing with excitement thanks to the new developments that have been made with the so called call sheet app. This specialized call sheet tool turns a mountain of daily papers, commonly used in the film industry, into a simple update that one can read from a mobile device. This will make the lives of assistants, movie directors, actors, extras and anyone else involved with the process of making a movie much easier.
There will be no need for assistants to print out papers daily for the crew and team to pick up for their schedules. Instead, the call sheet schedule can be uploaded onto a special call sheet app that can be used on an Android or iOS powered smartphone. This is the way of the future when it comes to expanding the movie business’s daily activities.

Why is The Call Sheet App The Next Big Thing?

For one, Hollywood is big on going green. An app such as this will help cut down on extraneous supplies in addition to saving trees. It will also keep things more streamlined and together. Nobody can claim that they lost their call sheet when it is sent directly to their phone. This is the premier solution to call sheet organization. There is no more guessing where one should be during the production day thanks to the call sheet application.
Movie teams can easily download the Doddleme call sheet app to their smarphones. It has everything one needs in order to check out the daily call sheet. The information can also easily sync across several devices. Those who are uploading the call sheet information can instantly send it to their device from a laptop. Also, it is possible to customize call sheets for specific crew members. This easy-to-use, customizable application is a must for anyone embarking on a new film or television production.
The Doddleme website also connects film industry professionals to each other. It is a great place to network for future contacts or references. If your company is in need of call sheet organization, than Doddle is here to help you get your act together.
This program works with the Apple portable devices as a call sheet iphone app. It also works with other smartphones as a call sheet android app. Thus, it will work for everyone that has a modern and capable smartphone. Many people have smartphones today, but, if they do not, then the application can be accessed from the Internet. Thus, if somebody misplaces their phone or refuses to upgrade, then no worries. They will be able to access their call sheet with ease from the Doddle website.
The entire purpose of the Doddle call sheet app is to make life easier for the film industry. It was made by industry experts for other people like themselves. Thus, it has every feature that one needs in order for their call sheets to be accurate, on time, and easy to read every day.

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