The Key To Great Curls Is A Proper Curly Hair Treatment

While curly hair is beautiful, it needs a lot of extra love and attention. It needs to be properly cared for to maintain a beautiful and healthy head of curls.

You don’t want droopy or listless curls but beautiful, bouncy curls that are full of life. You’ll never drop the ball on your curls once you discover the perfect curly hair treatment.
Curly hair can be tricky, but the right treatment will leave your mane of curls a crowning achievement.

  • To shampoo or not to shampoo
  • Condition and moisturize
  • Smoothing cream
  • Styling cream and serum

There has been much debate in the curly hair treatment arena about shampooing. Of course you must shampoo to keep curls clean, but just how often?
As of late, the consensus is not to shampoo every day since this can strip your curls of too much moisture and leave them dry and brittle.
When it is time to shampoo, opt for a creamy versus clear shampoo since they provide extra moisturizing benefits.
When it comes to curls, conditioning and moisturizing are musts. You have to keep your curls hydrated to keep them lustrous and full of life.
You must use conditioner every day. You should invest in a heavy conditioner like the DE organic line from Faces Plus Hair Salon Products for when you shampoo to give your curls back their needed moisture.
Use a deep conditioner once a week to maintain curls.

A Smoothing Cream

A smoothing cream is a necessity for your curly hair treatment. This helps keep the frizziness out and the moisture in.
This should be used when you get out of the shower to seal in all the moisture immediately. To get all of the key benefits, some experts suggest using two parts cream and one part gel to provide extra smoothness.
Rub the products together and comb through your hair. This will leave your curls full, bouncy and shiny.
Once you’re ready to style your hair, you should invest in a good styling cream and styling serum to help you maintain your curls.
While this is the final step in your curly hair treatment, it should not be ignored and is just as important as the previous steps.
The styling products will help your style stay in place and keep your curls manageable as well.
The styling cream will enhance and define your curls. Simply rub it into your curls and allow hair to air dry.
With styling serum, you can warm the product in your hands and use it over dry curls to give them back some life and body. You will also be free of frizz and flyaways.
All curls are different but they should all be treated with care and there are basic steps to follow.
Your shampooing needs depend on your particular type of curls but remember to get a curl specific shampoo that will cleanse without stripping.
Curls must be moisturized in order to maintain their luster, body and bounce. Smoothing and styling creams and serums will help maintain your look. The proper curly hair treatment will take your curls a long way.

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