The Increasing Popularity Of German Shepherds  

The Increasing Popularity Of German Shepherds

It is apparently true that the world is full of dog lovers. There are many families in every area that own a dog. And if you think that the story ends there itself; then you are wrong. There is a variety of breeds in dogs. People have their preferences when it comes to owning a dog.  Amidst different breeds of dogs, one breed that is getting a lot of popularity these days is ‘German Shepherd.’ It is a breed that is on maximum lips. There is no wonder that the breed is so popular. Their courage, loyalty, confidence, ability to learn quickly, and willingness to guard their owner, and people are like no other breed. Remember, the German shepherd is currently the second most popular breed in the US. There has to be something special about this breed right?

The Increasing Popularity Of German Shepherds

If you feel that German shepherds are dangerous, and they can be risky for your kids, then you are wrong. This is a breed that is easy to train, and once they know you; they won’t harm you at all. Once your German shepherd knows that these are your kids, he would not just be nice to them but also full of love and care. You can leave your kids alone with your beloved furry friend in times of emergency. These dogs are really intelligent and are keen to learn; perhaps that is the reason their popularity is increasing significantly.

Not Just a Police Dog

If you feel that German shepherd are just a police dog and not really apt for a family environment, then you are wrong. Just because the breed is courageous, it does not mean they aren’t apt for a family. You can easily find police forces and even military men having German Shepherds in their team. These dogs even work as secret soldiers too. But getting back to point, they have every trait that a family dog possesses. So, if you are going to have a dog of this breed, you would definitely end up loving your decision down the lane. The increasing popularity of German shepherd has not been just because of their heroic police deeds but for their family values too. You might be thinking why the heavy words like ‘family values’ are incorporated here right? Well, these dogs deserve these heavy words. German shepherd does not say a word, but their actions say it all. They would take a danger on them if they find their family or loved ones in difficulty or danger. Actually, you know any German shepherd owner would tell you just how amazing their dog is.

Full of Energy and Zeal

You can find German shepherd full of life, energy, and zeal. They are always jumping and running. Even in the times of adversity, they might surprise you with their resilience and courage. They would go an extra mile for you. And if you are a fitness freak, then it would be a double delight for you. Yes, you heard it right. You can go on long walks and runs with you’re a German shepherd. They won’t give up in between and would be next to you throughout. They have great stamina and endurance power.

In this present time, people have no time for workouts and walks. Amidst such a scenario, people find it good to have a partner in a dog, especially this breed, who is always encouraging them. Even if they don’t want to go for a run or walk in the morning, they have to go because of their curious and energetic German shepherd. It would be like a sweet obligation that would help both the dog and the owner. You can check out German shepherd price in India and buy one for your house. It can be a beginning of the fitter year and life ahead.

You can Test their Intelligence

The intelligence of German shepherd is something that keeps the excitement and keenness of people intact for them. This breed is highly intelligent, and you can test it in your way too. According to a study, this breed is the third most intelligent dog breed in the world. There are many people, who want an understanding friend in their life. They do opt for these jobs. They know once they have a German shepherd in the house, they would be surrounded by a furry fellow with brains. Whenever you have a word with a person having a German shepherd, make sure that you talk to them and know about their dog. They would specially mention about the smartness of their dog. They might share some instances and experiences too that would be a treat for you.  After all, in the presence of their intelligence and sense of duty, it is apparent why the German shepherd is a popular pick for police and military services.

You can Feel Strong

You must face it that German Shepherds look threatening. Standing up to 26″ tall in general and weighing up to hundred pounds, these dogs are huge in stature. Blend that with an enduring, steadfast personality and strong gaze, and there is no wonder why nobody wants to mess with a handsome German shepherd. So, if you have one, you might be guarded all the time. People won’t mess with you because of your handsome and intelligent German shepherd. After all, it is always good to be there for your dog. And it is even better when your dog is always there for you too. His presence is so powerful that people prefer this breed over many other even more gorgeous breeds.

Final thought!

Thus, the bottom line is if you are still deciding about which breed to take; you truly are untouched from the miracles of a German shepherd. Their popularity is itself a message that they are the first choice of many.  Be it India, the US, or any other country; you can find people having German shepherd with their chin up. Who knows you too become a ‘proud owner of German Shepherd’ soon!

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