The Importance of Family Values In Indian Weddings

In India, the importance of wedding can never be belittled, nor is it ever done in a frugal way. However, insufficient the funds may be, the parents of the bride leave no stone unturned to get her married off to a respectable family. It is also worth noting that arranged Indian weddings are still happening in a big way. However, westernised India may be and whatever modern cultures may seep in through the geographical barriers, the fact that most of the marriages are still arranged makes this country unique. As soon as the child is of marriageable age (18 for girls, and 21 for boys), the parents look for suitable alliances. Of course, in plenty of Indian villages, parents fearing for their child’s safety marry them off at a very young age.  In India, parents see marriage as the bond between two families, a bond that is woven around social obligations, traditional customs, moral values and kinship. The complex permutation of the cultures present in different parts of the country is best displayed through these marriage customs. If a child refuses to get married, the parents are worried beyond words, because for them an Indian wedding is the greatest watershed in their lives and their child’s life, second only to perhaps the birth of the child in question.
The Importance of Family Values In Indian Weddings
Finding the right partner for your child to host an Indian wedding is definitely a tiresome task and many people make use of the internet to widen their search net. Using the social media networks to find a suitable bride is also rampant. Matrimonial sites are a great help for Indian weddings as they give accurate information about suitable partners and plenty of choices. Many girls and boys have found their partners through matrimonial websites because they are able to search professionally and educationally profiles that match with their own. Serious family disruptions are not likely to erupt in such cases.
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Difference among north and south in Indian weddings

Parents plan for their child’s Indian wedding right when the child is born, they arrange for the funds little by little because conducting the marriage in pomp and show is a matter of prestige and a credit to their social standing.  The culture and traditions vary a great deal if you tally the south and the north part of India. While the Indo-Aryan culture frowns upon marriage among blood relatives, the Dravidians in the south practise it avidly. Sometimes girls are married off to their mother’s brothers so they do not have to bond with an outside family and the girl will be safe. Alliances between cross cousins are also pretty common in the south and the girl remains in familiar surroundings through the entire period of her married life. In North India, after her Indian wedding the girl goes off live with total strangers, completely sequestered from her parents and lives in a house she has never set eyes upon while her parents themselves remain geographically distant.

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