The Essential Guide To The Best Office Chairs

There’s something about a well kitted out office that just never stops being cool, whether you work from home or run a company from a proper HQ.  One of the most important items in any office is the chair – a classy, high-quality chair at that.  Getting the right one is essential for any CEO who wants to be comfortable (as well as looking the part), which is why we’ve put together this list of what we believe to be the five coolest office chairs out there.

Herman Miller Aeron

You’ve seen this one before, trust us.  Perhaps the most renowned office chair in the world, the Aeron was simply revolutionary when it first appeared, and it set new standards for the whole industry in terms of comfort and ergonomics. Companies all over the world buy Aerons by the thousand, and it even has a permanent instalment at New York’s Museum of Modern Art – not bad!   Comfortable, adaptable and stylish, the Aeron is a legend.

Herman Miller Embody

Not content with topping the list, Herman Miller go one better by providing number two as well.   Sharing a designer with the Aeron, it was little surprise when the Embody turned out to be just as brilliant whilst adding additional useful features such as an independently adjustable base and arms.  Inevitably, the price of the Embody is fairly substantial, but considering you’ll be paying for possibly the finest office chair in the world, any CEO worth their salt should consider stumping up the cash.

The Steelcase Leap

Whilst the Herman Miller chairs are both magnificent pieces of engineering, there are some companies who won’t want to pay out that much, but will still be able to access office chairs of real, real class.  The Steelcase Leap is ideal, being perhaps the most customisable model on the list.  It was designed with pure ergonomics in mind, so individual control is available on every aspect of the chair, from the arm height to the seat depth.  This means that it would be damn near impossible to find a person who couldn’t get comfortable in the Leap – which is, in the end, largely the point.

The Raynor Ergohuman

If you’re a CEO, the chances are that you’re required to work some pretty long hours during the week – well, you’re in luck, as that was specifically the cause for with the Ergohuman was designed.  Like the Steelcase, the sheer wealth of adjustable aspects on the Ergohuman make it virtually impossible to not get comfortable in.  Its slightly increased width and depth also make it ideal for people who are either a bit taller or a bit bigger at the waist.  An outstanding chair at a very good price.

The IKEA Markus

Those looking for real quality on a budget should definitely consider the IKEA Markus, which offers a seriously stylish image without you having to break the bank.  The height adjustable back conforms to the contours of the spine, and practically enforces good posture.   With a choice of leather or padded fabric, the Markus is the ideal chair for kitting out a whole office without paying through the nose.

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Sam Harrison helps business bosses choose the perfect top of the range office chair for their needs. She works for Office Chairs UK, a company which sells many of the branded chairs mentioned in this article.

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