The Difference Between Braces And Retainers

There is no doubt that orthodontics can be complicated. You might not know the difference between braces and retainers. If you have an overbite, an underbite or crooked teeth, you will have to see a professional orthodontist in order to receive the proper treatment that can straighten your teeth. What you need for your teeth normally depends on many different things. This is why your orthodontist will need to perform an analysis of your teeth. He or she will likely need to take impressions of your teeth and conduct a clinical exam. After going through the information that he or she obtains from this analysis, the orthodontist will be able to design a treatment plan that is the best for your teeth.
What are Braces?
After the orthodontics professional has created a treatment plan, he or she will be able to prescribe an appliance is based on what you need. Most cases often require braces. There are quite a few different types of braces available that can suit your needs. Most braces normally consist of wires and bands. Other types of removable or fixed corrective devices will also be added to your braces.

Braces are designed to apply constant pressure to your teeth over a long period of time. During this time, your braces should be able to move your teeth in a specific direction. This is a slow process that might take quite a few years. As the braces apply pressure to your teeth and as they move in a specific direction, your bones will begin to change shape eventually.
Miniature Braces
There are quite a few cases that might involve the use of miniature braces as opposed to traditional braces. Miniature braces are quite a bit smaller than the average type of braces. Many men and women prefer miniature braces because they are easier to clean. In addition, they are normally around 30% smaller. This makes them less noticeable. Other methods also include taking advantage of removable plastic retainers. This is normally used for cases that do not require the full power of braces but still requires the straightening of teeth. These types of retainers are normally used when crowded teeth is not extremely severe.
How Long Do Braces Need to Stay In?
The amount of time that is required for you to keep your braces is based on quite a few different factors. For example, this might include the amount of room that is available, the severity of your dental problem and the health of your gums and teeth. Braces normally have to be used for between one year and three years.
Retainers are normally used after your braces have been taken out and they are normally worn for around six months. Retainers are designed to help make sure that your teeth stay straight after your braces have been taken out. Types of retainers normally include fixed wire retainers and removable retainers. The fixed wire retainers are attached to the back of your lower front teeth. Removable retainers are plastic with a single wire in the front and can be taken out.
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