The Big House Cleaning Is Easier With A Schedule

Include only the most important things in a small schedule or make a huge extensive list with all the small details for the next home cleaning. In all cases – making a schedule is the best and easiest way to ensure that you will not forget something important. Here is an example:

1) Start with an inspection of the entire house and check out the condition of the objects, the upholsteries, the kitchen appliances, the floor coverings, the electronic devices or in brief – check out everything. Search for stains including small and light ones, as well as heavy stains from dried kitchen grease and darker stains between the tiles in the bathroom. This will give you a better idea from where to begin and which objects/rooms will require a little bit more attention.

2) Clean the house room by room or begin from the room with the heaviest soiled objects. These are usually the floor coverings as they see an everyday wear and especially the areas that are exposed to the heaviest foot traffic. For instance, let`s take the textile floor coverings such as carpets and rugs:

– Spot clean the carpets if possible by making your own homemade detergent or via stronger commercial detergent. Spot cleaning is the best way to make your carpets clean without soaking them entirely in detergent solutions and without using carpet professional cleaning services. It is a great solution for small carpets and rugs with short fibers or for getting rid of only some light stains.

– The heavily stained textile floor coverings that need a professional treatment from the cleaning company in your region should be pre-vacuumed packed for easier transportation. First, call the company coordinator to discuss the details, because an easier solution might be to take advantage of professional house cleaning in your place, without the need for changing the location of your carpets and rugs.

– Clean all other types of floorings in your home. The tiled and the hardwood floorings are usually easy for maintenance and so they may require just a quick regular mopping with a sanitizing agent.

3) Clean the ceilings in every room and wipe off dust from chandeliers, hanging lamps on the walls, curtains and window frames. Check out all the edges of the ceilings for spider webs or molds, and clean them thoroughly. A great idea is to use a ladder or a tall chair, and try to clean the objects on the walls in the same time.

4) Clean the big furnishings and upholstered objects such as the sofa, the beds, the dining table and the kitchen chairs. Use a special polishing wax for wooden surfaces to give that beautiful finish of a new furniture. Do some small repairs if needed and there are even waxes that remove scratches, loss of texture and discoloration from wooden surfaces.

5) Kitchen cleaning is the next highlight in the schedule, which may take place all day long or even more. It includes some of the most difficult objects to clean, because they are often the dirtiest ones. The oven, the stove, the fridge, the countertop, etc. They all are exposed to kitchen grease, food crumbs, coffee spills and other stains.

6) Clean the bathroom and the other wet rooms along with the kitchen. Pay more attention to the tiles as they need a thorough rubbing with a sanitizing and deodorizing agent.

7) Don`t forget to clean the windows and to wipe off dust for the end of the big house cleaning.

8) Don`t forget to reorganize the garden, the garage, the terraces and all other outdoor areas. Maintaining a clean and proper outdoor look of the house is as important as its condition indoors.

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