The Benefits of Personalized Coffee Mugs

Just look around your office and you’ll probably have a lot of evidence of the power of personalized coffee mugs. Many of the mugs around the coffee could be from your vendors, clients or people you do business with. Even with the round of technological promotional items being used today, coffee mugs, key chains and ink pens still remain a popular choice when it comes to promo products. As surprising as that might be, there are some other factors –besides customer preference- that determine the effectiveness of personalized coffee mugs.
Coffee mugs as promotional items are here to stay for several reasons. They are useful and when they’re personalized with your company’s logo and contact information, it means that your customer or potential customer is likely to see the type of service you offer for as long as they use the mugs. This could be for a very long time if you focus on the quality of your promotional products. Here are four main factors to consider when choosing the effectiveness of an item. We’ll use these factors to see what personalized coffee mugs provide for your company.
Advertising Space
Coffee mugs provide more than enough advertising space, so your logo, contact information and message are clearly visible by the people who eventually use them. Although some companies go for larger mugs to get more space for advertising, it is always wise to think of the feasibility of a large mug being used daily. Chances are that a large mug will be stuck in the back of a cupboard somewhere and not used as a standard sized mug would be.
Coffee mugs are used in the home, in home offices and in business places, so their usability is beyond question. Even so, it is important that you choose your mug with care. Novelty mugs might get some attention for a while, but it is the traditional type mugs that will get the most use. If your budget allows, you can give out novelty mugs along with the more traditional ones.
When your budget is limited, you might be tempted to just choose whatever mug you think works. But this is not the right approach when you want to keep your company’s names at the top of your customers’ minds. Usability is one thing, but you should also consider appeal. How can you ensure that your mug is used over all the other mugs that you customer might have? To create appeal, you’ll need to think color, good insulation and a design that isn’t prone to spills.
Ceramic and insulated plastic mugs are usually quite durable. Unless a ceramic mug falls and breaks, it could be around for a lifetime- your mug might maintain its usability long after the logo begins to fade. Ceramic is definitely a top choice because even though there’s the risk of it breaking, chances are it won’t.
Amber Lee is a writer, entrepreneur, artist and fitness nut. With a background in marketing and small business development, Amber utilizes LovePromos for custom coasters for her bar and restaurant clients. Follow Amber on Twitter at

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