The Benefits Of Apartment Living In Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland provides the ultimate city living experience. As a town centre, it offers everything you could possibly need. From boutiques on the Royal Mile to high-end stores on George Street, the wide variety of chain and independent restaurants to bustling trendy bars and beautiful public gardens, all within the heart of the city. The attractions Edinburgh provides are endless, and the same can be said for the accommodation. With apartment living in any city there are multiple benefits, but in particular, apartment living in Edinburgh comes with countless opportunities that can enhance your lifestyle.


Edinburgh’s city centre is largely made up of beautiful period apartments that are decorated and designed to an exceptional standard. Known for their high ceilings and often still with the original elegant ceiling features, Edinburgh apartments are also bright and spacious with outstanding views of the city and surrounding areas. You are almost always guaranteed a fantastic view through your window. The Quartermile complex, offers stunning apartment living. Built in the Old Royal Infirmary, clean lines and glass panels are set against the beautifully restored 19th century architecture. Quartermile apartments offer both convenient location and consummate comfort.


Living in central Edinburgh also puts the city’s greatest attractions and facilities right on your doorstep. You can be sure you will be in walking distance from Edinburgh’s biggest go-to destinations. Whether it is the attractions you are after or the businesses and offices or even the supermarket, most apartments will be only minutes away. You can travel around the city by foot with no car requirements, and to get further afield the main rail and bus links are in central Edinburgh and easily accessible.


Apartments are not only great for the city centre lifestyle but often the financial and maintenance benefits as an added bonus. Whether it is for rental or to buy, the financial aspect of apartment living is a lower monthly payment than that of a house. Further underlying financial benefits is with the upkeep and additional responsibilities that would come with a house. Because of the smaller space it is usually less hassle and generally lower costs to maintain. Additionally, if you were in an apartment the landlord or owner of the block would cover maintenance of surrounding the property like keeping the grass cut and painting the outside of the building. Not only does this reduce the financial burden but also means you do not have the hassle of traditional home maintenance.


Although some homeowners invest in security systems, apartment complexes invest in the overall safety of its residents. You can be assured that apartment blocks will have some form of security system in place, whether it is CCTV cameras, pass codes or even a security desk and concierge, you will be looked after. Overall, apartments are great for those who want a place to call home. The financial advantages and additional benefits that come with apartment living particularly in Edinburgh make it an ideal situation for anyone who wants to have a home.

In conclusion, there are a number of benefits that come with apartment living in Edinburgh. Apartments offer fantastic proximity to the city centre, and all the amenities that are within walking distance from many popular apartment areas are factors that can secure a decision. If you are after large, spacious and grand apartments then you are sure to find these in Edinburgh. The location, lifestyle and security that come with apartment living in Edinburgh are all huge benefits along with the city itself. The city’s unique history and charming character is infectious to anyone that visits, let alone lives there.

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