The Beauty Of The Boutique Hotel

When it comes to planning a vacation, the most important decision to make aside from “where are we going to go?” is without doubt, “where are we going to stay?” At times, this can be an overwhelming decision to make—especially if you’ve decided on visiting a destination that you’re unfamiliar with. For this reason, a lot of people tend to rely on household hotel names they they’re already familiar with like the Hilton, Marriott, or Weston for instance.
We’re here to put a stop to this. Now please note, this is not to say that there is anything wrong with any of these places. It’s just that much like chain restaurants, chain hotels are also built on one premise: consistence.
On one hand this is a good thing, but on the other, do you really want to have the same hotel experience while on vacation in Paris as you do when travelling to Calgary for work? If you’re answer is “yes”, then you can stop reading right now. Otherwise, we’re happy to bring you this guide to some of the best boutique hotels in the world.

So What is a Boutique Hotel?

First of all—if you’ve never stayed in a boutique hotel, let us help explain why it’s so great.
The concept of the boutique hotel began in North America and Western Europe, but the business model has quickly spread to vacation destinations across the globe.
The entire premise of a boutique hotel, is unique specialization. Now the fun part is, that different hotels will specialize in different things. Some might be exorbitantly luxurious and extremely intimate, while others will cater to niche interests like ancient history, or on the other end of the spectrum, futuristic technology.
In all instances, boutique hotels are smaller meaning more personalized customer service, and more unique than the major hotel chains out there, guaranteeing a vacation that you’ll want to tell your friends about.

Our top 5 Favourite Boutique Hotels

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the fun part. Without further ado, we bring you what we think are the top 10 best boutique hotels in the world.

Porto Sense in Porto, Portugal

If you’re a history or architecture buff, you’ll love this small hotel set in an authentic 18th century building. Porto sense offers breath taking views over the square, the river, and the Dom Luis I bridge.
It’s also within walking distance of almost all of Porto’s biggest attractions, and footsteps away from fine dining and shopping along the city’s famous cobblestone streets.
One thing to keep in mind, if you’re looking for a full service vacation then this may not be the place for you. Porto Sense offers self-catering accommodation which are more guest house than traditional hotel.

Naxian Collection in Naxos, Greece

The Naxian Collection is made up of a variety of separated suits and villas, all of which are barely 3 kilometres from Naxos Chora and built in the classic architectural style of the Cyclades. The hotel sits in the upperclass district of the Stelida hills, and is in close proximity to the temple of Apollo, the Venetian Castle, and the Church of Panagia.
The hotel also offers to help you and your party organise a number of outdoor adventures like paddle surfing, mountain biking, windsurfing, and even helicopter and private plane flights.

Du Ge Courtyard Hotel in Beijing, China

Most people who decide to book a holiday in Beijing do so because they want to witness the city’s breathtaking history. What better way to enjoy it then in a unique hotel experience set right in the heart of the historical Hutong district?
Ge Courtyard Boutique Hotel I footsteps away from the city’s most famous monuments like the Forbidden City, the Drum Towers, and The Bell. And the bedrooms are just as historical! All suites are named with references to the nation’s history and culture, and decorated with Chinese antiques and authentic art chosen to complement the room’s theme.

Soniat House in New Orleans, USA

The Soniat House’s Homepage reads, “Built in 1830, three Creole townhouses nestle in a quiet residential area in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Superbly restored to a faultless standard, the rooms and suites at Soniat House are adorned with antiques, the courtyard is alive with magnolia and the comfort and service are unsurpassed.”
Combine the breathtaking interior of French-inspired balconies, chandeliers and spiral staircases with the incomparable dining and entertainment just outside the door, it’s no wonder that The Soniat House is our hotel of choice when it comes to visiting Louisiana.

Torre Di Moravola in Montone Perugia, Italy 

Italy is known for its high standards when it comes to resorts and hotels, but this boutique hotel in Perugia truly blows most of its competition out of the water. The Torre Di Moravola was once a thousand-year-old Umbrian hilltop watchtower, converted into a seven-suite hotel.
As far as exteriors go, it’s hard to get much more historical than that—though you might be surprised when you enter the hotel’s doors and see the impressively modern interior featuring all of the most cutting-edge facilities and features.
In a review on Tablet, this was said: “Most unexpected, perhaps, is the rooftop infinity pool, with obviously wide-ranging views of the tower’s surroundings. The restaurant follows the slow food philosophy, and you’re minutes from the ancient town of Montone, which offers other options, none of them particularly fast. As Italian countryside getaways go, it’s hard to do much better — and as a design pilgrimage it’s practically a religious experience.”

Convinced yet?

If these hotels haven’t talked you into skipping the Holiday Inn and opting for the boutique route, then we’re not sure if anything will. But keep in mind, this is merely a snapshot of the wonderful lodging places available over the globe. The beauty of boutique hotels is that they’re not built on a mass and generic scale, which means they often slip under the radar. There are hundreds of “best-kept-secret” boutique hotels that are just waiting for you to find them!

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