The Advantages Of Using Self-Storage For Business Inventory

Self-storage is short for self-service storage and refers to storage units that can be rented. These can be rooms, lockers, containers, or even outdoor spaces. It’s a common misconception that self-storage tenants must be individuals, i.e. collectors, people who decided to go on a trip around the world, or people in the process of moving. More and more people are choosing this option when it comes to finding space for their business and here’s why.

Saves Money

This is something every business owner wants – cheap but efficient solutions for his company. Imagine your small business took off and you need more space. Expanding your office space or renting/purchasing a new one is a big investment, especially if you made a risky move and you’re not really sure how it will turn out. You can declutter your existing space and make some room. Excess furniture, documents and office supplies can be moved to a self-storage unit.

Another perk of self-storage is that it’s usually rented month-to-month so there are no long-term contracts and obligations. If you operate a start-up from your home, self-storage might be all you need – just a place to store your products, for example. Generally speaking, renting self-storage is cheaper than renting commercial space. That’s why some self-storage services even offer storage office space. This might be a good option for if you’re downsizing or just can’t afford office space at the time.

The Advantages Of Using Self-Storage For Business Inventory

Self-storages are Multi-purpose

As we’ve previously mentioned, self-storage unit can be used as an office or as storage space. If you’re remodeling or renovating, this could be a convenient place to temporarily store your inventory.  It can also serve as a seasonal storage for rotating your seasonal supplies in and out of use. When moving to a new location, self-storage is a good option until you settle down completely. They also come in various sizes so you don’t have to rent a warehouse to keep a few files and folders.

Nowadays, self-storage can even be portable. Those quality mobile storage solutions save both your money and time because you get storage space and transport at the same time. If you have your own vehicles, you may consider storage units with drive-up access. This is especially valuable if your business demands quick loading and unloading.

Protects Your Inventory

Humidity, heat or low temperatures in storage units can damage your inventory. Depending on the type of goods you keep in storage units, you might want your storage to have climate control. Luckily for you, this is also possible. You may have to pay more, but it’s obvious that cheaper solution isn’t the best in this situation. You can also keep valuable goods in self-storage because they’re usually located on private property with restricted access. Advanced facilities often provide 24/7 video surveillance. Some of them are fenced and have alarm systems or other smart solutions for protecting commercial structures, so your inventory is probably safer there than in your own home or office.

Boosts Productivity

Believe it or not, using self-storage can boost your and your workers’ productivity. A study conducted by the researchers at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute showed that cluttered environment may affect your ability to focus and limit your brain’s ability to process information. Simply put, working in chaos is neither healthy nor productive. That’s why it’s important to keep your office space neat and organized. Self-storage unit in which you can put all the unnecessary paperwork, samples, furniture, or supplies can help you with that.

Whether you’re into this decluttering trend, you’re moving or you simply have too much stuff – self-storage systems are perfect for your business. Whatever the reason might be, make sure you know what your options are. There’s a solution for every kind of business, you just have to pick the right one.

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