That’s Not a Chew Toy! 5 Household Items to Keep Your Pets Away From

Nothing puts a smile on your face faster than seeing your furry friend. However, that smile can quickly turn upside down if you happen to see your pet with an item that is harmful to them. Animals are similar to children in which they are curious about everything they see. While it’s good for them to become acquainted with everything, there are some things that you must keep away from them. Continue reading to learn five household items to keep away from your pet.


If you’re someone who has a green thumb, then naturally, you’re going to have a few pesticides around. These are used to ward off any unwanted pests that will harm your plants. However, your pet may have other plans for it. Pesticides are a type of poison that are used to keep plants free from insects. If an animal ingests it, they will become very sick or worse. Keep your pesticides locked behind cabinet doors.


Another thing that you need to keep away from your pet is medicine. Similar to pesticide, it is also poisonous. Even if you have your medicine behind your bathroom mirror, there’s always a chance that your dog may stumble upon a stray pill. Pills for diets, ibuprofen and vitamins are some of the more common medicines that pets can consume. If for some reason your pet does ingest a type of medicine, do not give them any painkillers, as it can worsen the problem and put them at risk for liver issues.

Extension Cords

For some odd reason, many pets have a particular fondness for anything that’s long and thin. Unfortunately, this also includes extension cords. These cords are pretty dangerous for a pet to chew on when plugged out. However, if a cord is plugged into an electrical installation, then there’s going to be a catastrophe. To prevent your pet from electrocuting themselves, make the area as inaccessible as possible.


This may come off as a bit strange, but avocados are actually very harmful to pets. This is because avocados contain something called persin. Persin is a type of compound that commonly causes horses to have heart failure. While dogs aren’t affected as much, having them consume avocados can cause extreme diarrhea and vomiting.

Natural Fertilizer

Fertilizer is a key component in growing a garden, however, it spells disaster for your pets. Although ingesting it causes damage, pets don’t have to eat it directly to be affected. Pets can end up trapping the residue in the fertilizer in both their paws and fur. Animals tend to groom themselves by licking their fur, which can cause them to consume the fertilizer without realizing it. This is why fertilizer is so dangerous to them. Fertilizer can cause severe nausea and even seizures.

Many things we use in our homes everyday can be toxic or harmful to our furry friends. To keep your pet healthy and playful, make sure that the harmful substances in your harm are placed far out of your pet’s reach.

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