Teach Yourself First Aid With Your Smartphone

First Aid techniques are something which everybody should learn. You never know when you might need them; it could be at home, work, school, or even on holiday. Regardless of whether it’s a minor injury or a serious life-threatening emergency, having First Aid knowledge will give you the confidence you need to act and give appropriate First Aid treatment, which ultimately could make the difference between life and death.
The best choice for learning First Aid is to be taught by professionals on a First Aid training program, but it’s not always easy to find time for this type course. There are still other methods you can use to teach yourself vital first aid techniques which could lead to you saving a life one day.
Most people these days own a smartphone, and with smartphone comes apps. Apps are 3rd party applications for your smartphone which come with all sorts of different uses. The type of apps we’re going to be looking at in this post are First Aid apps.
There are many different first aid apps which you can get for your smartphone, and you’ll be pleased to hear that most of the apps are available on both iOS and Android, so whatever type of smartphone you have you should be able to find an app for your OS.
I’ve picked out the top apps for learning first aid on the iPhone and Android, and listed them below. These apps are not only useful in teaching you first aid, but also in providing assistance and reassurance during an emergency situation. The app will always be to hand with first aid techniques and advice, just in case you ever encounter a situation where somebody needs your help.

First Aid for Android

FREE from Google Play

Teach Yourself First Aid With Your Smartphone

This app is rated very highly on Google Play, with an average rating of 4.5 / 5. The app works with videos, illustrations and short texts to walk you through different first aid procedures step-by-step. It makes a great way to brush up on first aid techniques, teach yourself first aid procedures from scratch, or even walk you through first aid steps as you need them while dealing with a casualty.

Drops First Aid App

$1.99 from the App Store

This is my favourite app for learning. It provides a more interactive way of learning than the other apps. This app asks you questions and waits for your answer before providing you with the correct information for that step. I think the extra interaction makes it easier to remember the information – but your choice will be down to your preferred style of learning.
This app would certainly be easy to use if you needed it on the scene of a medical emergency, you could open the app, select the general medical emergency and then be reassured you’re applying the correct procedure based on the fact you’ve followed the steps given to you based on the questions answered within the app.
Author Bio: Alice has always had a soft spot for technology and gadgetry. When she is not busy with Australia Wide First Aid, she spends her time giving first aid advice, and sharing her passion for technology with others.

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