Take Control and Stay Comfortable

The UK climate is far from predictable. It is something that can ruin an outdoor event in the middle of the summer. Rain can come at any time, just what a summer fete doesn’t need. Fortunately, everyone is in control of the inside of their home or place of work. In the winter everyone needs central heating as temperatures drop towards the end of the day. During cold spells heating may be switched on day and night. In the summer, energy consumption is generally reduced but it is nevertheless important to keep a house comfortable for its occupants.

In warm climates, this is generally done by installing air conditioners. Fans predated air conditioning but they are nowhere near as effective. There is no doubt that anyone with any doubts at all about their property and its energy consumption now has access to plenty of information online.

Take Control and Stay Comfortable

Alternatives to the Big Six

While gas is the most commonly used form of energy, there are other alternatives worth consideration. Currently there is a virtual monopoly in the energy market of six major companies that are far from popular. One of them, EDF, sponsors the Media Awards in the East of England and it has been won this year by the Eastern Daily Press that was praised for its coverage of a number of events this year and the successful appeals to raise money to combat the effects of recent flooding. It is that climate again!

Air Conditioning

One heating/cooling option to consider is the aforementioned air conditioning, which has the benefit of being able to work all year round; heating in winter and cooling in summer. Service companies such as air conditioning in Norwich create a reputation precisely because of the quality of their service. Every job is unique and requires a site visit by companies prepared to quote for the work.

There are obvious advantages in considering air conditioning:

  • It will provide the exact temperature required.
  • The result is comfort with efficiency.
  • The air will be fresh and clean because one of its provisions is dehumidifying.
  • Air circulation should reduce the spread of germs.


It is always worth giving due consideration once a quotation arrives. There will never be any obligation to accept the quotation. The one to accept is surely the best one from a company that understands the need for good after sales service.

The UK‘s climate should improve in the coming weeks. Its economy has been doing that for many months now. Perhaps the time is right to think about home or office improvements while interest rates remain low.

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