Surprise Your Loved Ones With A Healthy and Tasty Delicacy

Apple is a magical  fruit, we all are very much aware of the phrase saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, this has even been scientifically proved that apple has all the major nutrients that are needed by a human body, and when consumed on empty stomach every day, it can do magic to your health. If facts to be believed, apple is the ultimate source of energy among all the other fruits. If not eaten raw, one can consume it in the form of juice and can even be added in desserts and apple burfi is one of the most popular apple desserts.

Here are few benefits of having an Apple every Day

We all crave for a better and healthy lifestyle, and to maintain that we work hard day and night but sometimes we forget that the answers to the major problems are hidden within them only and taking care of some small things can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Apple is the top disease fighting compounds found naturally.
  • Consumption of Apple helps in getting whiter and healthier teeth.
  • Good for weight loss, an apple contains plenty of water content and high fibre hence helps in reducing weight.
  • Apples are extremely good for the heart and reduce the risk of heart attacks.
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes
  • Not just diabetes, it has been proved that apple can be used as a remedy in the prevention of Cancer.
  • Apples contain the compounds that can cure asthma.

There are endless benefits of this magical fruit, not just benefits it is also used in making extremely delicious delicacies as well. Apple is used and found across the globe and is sold with the same name worldwide. But these days, there is an apple dessert which is rocking the market i.e., apple burfi, this easy to make apple burfi recipe can help the cooking lovers to make this extraordinary dessert at your homes and please your loved ones.

Living in the country of festivals, there is always an occasion every now and then, hence here is an amazing option to show your cooking skills and make this mouth-watering apple burfi in just a few minutes. Being fat-free and rich in dietary fibre, apples can be converted into various delicious dishes like Apple Murabba, Apple tarts, Apple crumble, made with the combination of apples, almond meal, castor sugar and some vanilla essence. Danish Apple tarts are another most loved desser. Apple jam is much-loved item by the kids but here in India Apple burfi is quite common, apples when mixed with some dried nuts, sugar and condensed milk further cooked results into the amazing delicacy. Learn how to make Apple Barfi in minutes by the top chefs; the tutorials are now easily available online.

If your child is not that fond of eating apples, then show your skills and turn the boring apple fruit into some appetizing puddings and sweets. It is not just an easy recipe but quite healthy too. If you are diet conscious and afraid of putting those extra kilos on, you can even make this burfi absolutely sugar free.

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