Subject Wise Preparation Strategy For BITSAT

Subject Wise Preparation Strategy For BITSAT

Getting admission into the best Indian private college is definitely not a piece of cake! Every year around 2 lakh students take BITSAT and compete against one another to get a seat into one of the BITS campus of their choice.

A BITSAT score of 320+ is considered a decent cut-off score to get your desired branch. But to achieve that you need to have a strenuous preparation strategy and give due importance to self-study.

Subject Wise Preparation Strategy For BITSAT

Let’s have a look at how your subject-wise preparation strategy should be like:


40 questions worth 120 marks

  • Be thorough with NCERT fundamental concepts. Most of the questions are asked directly from NCERT. Also, don’t miss out on any topic as questions are often asked from the small sections which students often tend to overlook.
  • Chemistry for BITSAT is considered easy. It is more theoretical than numerical.
  • The questions from organic and physical chemistry are of the textbook level
  • Inorganic chemistry can be scoring if you prepare well. You may consult O. P. Tondon for this section.
  • Memorise reactions well. Do not get confused in easy portions such as anomalies, increase and decrease in certain properties, etc.
  • Study the extra portions of the BITSAT syllabus well. Lots of questions are asked from them.


40 questions worth 120 marks

  • Be thorough with NCERT fundamental concepts.
  • Physics for BITSAT is considered tougher than Chemistry. So, if Physics is your strength, you’ll score well in this section.
  • You can safely allot 50 minutes to Physics.
  • Practice solving numerical problems in less time as speed is very important in BITSAT.
  • Use common sense and dimensional analysis in this section.
  • Mechanics and Thermodynamics are very crucial topics.
  • You must know the formulas well. Many questions can be solved by the direct application of formulas.


45 questions worth 135 marks. This section is most crucial as it contains the maximum weightage of marks.

  • Try solving the easier questions in this section first. Substitution, and trial and error methods often help in finding answers.
  • Calculus, Coordinate Geometry and Complex Number are very important topics.
  • Keep revising Cartesian Geometry and Trigonometry till the end as students tend to make mistakes in these.
  • Make a note of important formulas. Keep revising them till the end.

English and LR

15 and 10 questions from English and Logical Reasoning respectively, worth 75 marks.

  • This section is very simple and may prove to be the game changer because a lot of students simply ignore its preparation.
  • Language skill is something you cannot pick up or learn in a day or two. It takes time. Make sure you practice questions from this section well in advance.
  • Take some time out every day (45 minutes/day) to practice.
  • Leaving out a few vocabulary questions, which are really difficult, the English questions are basic grammar.
  • Practice a few LR questions daily, it’ll prove beneficial in the exam.
  • You can practice English from Wren & Martin and LR from Arihant.

Now that you know how to get started with the BITSAT preparation, what are you waiting for? Brace yourselves to ace BITSAT 2019

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