Steps For Maintaining Shinwa Cooling Towers and Chillers

Steps For Maintaining Shinwa Cooling Towers and Chillers

The set-up of chillers and cooling towers is crucial to the performance of any industrial or commercial air conditioning system. When chillers and cooling towers are maintained properly, the temperature of the condensers is lesser than in un-maintained systems. As a result, there is superior energy efficiency, lesser costs of utility bills and a facility that is more comfortable.

The following are the basic steps for maintaining chillers and Shinwa cooling towers in perfect condition:

Get Rid of Scale Deposits

Because the cooling tower functions by evaporation, there will arise periodic build-ups of scale deposits on your fill. Minerals in water can cause such deposits, particularly if the cooling tower is experiencing issues in water treatment. Limescale build-up can lower the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system and can lead to premature depreciation of the unit. Descaling system a few times annually to raise energy conservation can keep manageable the monthly bills of the customer.

Proper Airflow

The common reason why air does not feel cold, the fan performs poorly, and there arise breakdowns of complete systems in the poor airflow. Interruptions in airflow can occur because of loose components, lack of maintenance of gearbox, and improper alignment of the fan. When fan blades are damaged, airflow may be reduced. The unit must be checked for debris within the fill or the tower. The cooling tower may experience a build-up of sludge on the floor at its basin which may block airflow. Such contaminants may be removed by using a tower vacuum. Adding a biocide can prevent the growth of algae and bacteria in the cooling tower.

Tube Cleaning

The majority of chiller pumps depend on a water pump to transport warmer water towards the chiller for the purpose of cooling. When the pumping process is operating efficiently, it can enhance the performance of air-conditioning and also save dollars on monthly energy bills. A pump that is well maintained will not have to work as toughly to transport water back and forth, rendering the functioning easier on the unit and boosts its lifespan. The pump must be inspected and checked to ascertain whether it is switched on or off as per need. When the chiller runs, the pumps must also run. The pump and motor bearings must be lubricated and so also, the water seal. Additionally, the alignment must be checked periodically.

Treatment of Water

Maintenance of chiller and cooling towers such as evapco cooling tower parts is about much more than ensuring that the HVAC system components are in good shape; attention must also be paid on water quality. Problems in water quality can lead to a major build-up of scale and scum, which may lead to a breakdown of your system. Therefore, it is advised to invest in effective water treatment to keep the system safe and in peak condition.

Cleaning Fan Housing

The fan housing must be disinfected and scrubbed with care. This happens to be a common area of problems- chemical treatment is not every time powerful to prevent bacteria from gaining a stronghold in such areas. Condensation is formed by vapors in the air and biological growth may be tough to get rid of by traditional online treatment programs. If you hire experts, they will disinfect and clean the area in order to prevent an increase of pathogens that are air-borne and make minimum corrosion risk.

Cleaning of Tower Basin

It is also important to clean and disinfect tower basins. Such huge volume areas happen to be extremely critical with regard to big amounts of cooling water. Such areas feature pooling permit the growth of bacteria. The water is additionally rich in oxygen and tempered and offers excellent ground for breeding of biological activity. Disinfecting, cleaning, and using the right chemicals for start and end of the cooling season may only boost your program of water treatment.

Cleaning of Distribution Pan

Such areas can often become clogged by debris which is not eradicated via normal filtration. Every distribution plan must be made open and cleaned, offering an increased flow of water. Lowering of flow because of clogged distributors may lower the ability of the tower for cooling water substantially. When this is not treated, this can result in a substantial increase in the usage of energy.

Benefits of Cooling Tower Maintenance Services

For ensuring that the cooling tower system remains efficient all through the years, one must opt for flexible and quality cooling tower systems. Regular service is required to reduce operational costs and keep the system in good condition. Whatever be the models and makes of the cooling tower, the following are the benefits of hiring a professional company for cooling tower maintenance:

  • One can gain a safe working environment. The professional team of the company ensures that the system maintains the needed safety measures.
  • With regard to regular service, downtime can be lowered to a minimal state because all the equipment is inspected, lowering the risk of failure of equipment.
  • The system accomplishes the best level of functionality with a lowered cost of operation.
  • All structural damages get repaired sufficiently during service delivery.
  • Servicing on a regular basis improves the life of the cooling towers and their equipment like evapco cooling tower parts. Spare parts that are damaged can be replaced during the service.
  • Evaluation by experts in the performance of the systems of the cooling tower may be conducted.
  • The system will be cleaned properly.

These are some of the aspects related to the maintenance of cooling towers like Shinwa cooling towers. By hiring the right company, the durability and proper state of functioning of the cooling towers can be ensured.

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