Spectacular Image Quality With The Full-frame Canon EOS 6D Digital Camera

The 6D is one of the most desirable and affordable full-frame Canon cameras on the market.
With an image sensor that’s similar to the ultra luxurious 5D Mark III, as well as host of other impressive features, it’s no surprise why.
Spectacular Image Quality With The Full-frame Canon EOS 6D Digital Camera
Keen amateurs and serious enthusiasts have been snapping it up to test its impressive capabilities and many are using it as the ideal stepping stone to get into the full-frame arena.
This is the first ever Canon camera to incorporate Wi-Fi and GPS, so these are definitely two of the features worth mentioning.
The GPS function works even when the camera is turned off which is a bonus, as it won’t need to recalculate your position every time you turn it on.
As for Wi-Fi, this allows you to connect the camera to an app that works on Android or Apple operating systems, giving you a useful remote-shooting mode that comes complete with live view, exposure control and auto focus capabilities.
This function also allows you to seamlessly connect with various social media platforms, among other things.
The second thing worth mentioning about the EOS 6D is that it has no integrated flash.
Some reviews have listed this as a negative aspect of the camera’s overall look and capabilities.
On the flip side many users consider the lack of flash a testament to the impressive low light capabilities that the 6D has exhibited – and we have to agree.
Print tests show that images display very little noise even when the ISO has been pushed up to 12800.
At lower ISO settings imagery details are crisp, accurate and processed impeccably.
Its 20-megapixel sensor has proven to perform incredibly well in low light settings, which makes it an appealing and versatile piece of equipment for photographers across the board.
Of course, in instances where extra light is a must, an external flash can be attached to the 6D the traditional way.
This camera is popular for shooting movies as it has full HD functionality with multiple frame rates and exposure control capabilities that put it on par with some professional camcorders – which is a great thing for a DSLR to achieve.
With video shooting functions, a microphone input jack with great recording adjustment capabilities, an 11-point auto focus system and a coveted full-frame sensor, the Canon EOS 6D is an affordable and highly recommended camera for anyone looking to upgrade to a DSLR that boasts cutting edge technology.
Sandy wrote this article after doing some extensive research on the Canon EOS 6D Digital Camera

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