Some Proven Ways To Achieve B2B Customer Feedback Success

Delighting customers and achieving high customer satisfaction score in this competitive business landscape is more difficult. There is no denying the fact that you are a smart business owner leading your business by following latest industry trends.Although,you heard about Net Promoter score or NPS (which is a tool to measure the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships) and like the whole concept of customer feedback, but you might be considering that you are too small for it to leverage the benefits. Also, as a b2b company you might be thinking that you don’t have enough customers to make the data collection useful. Well, this is a misconception. Customer feedback of different kinds and NPS,in particular,can be used to improve your business growth.

Through this blog post, you will see some proven ways to customer feedback success for small or medium B2B companies.

Make up your mind for the truth: In a small business, you are more likely to interact substantially with a good proportion of your customers. Hence, the feedback from customer’s end feels much personal.Well, it is fine for positive feedback. But, if you want honest feedback, you have to consider the negative ones as well. When a customer gives negative feedback about your company the natural reaction is to disapprove it. You will make yourself understand that the customer is wrong.Accepting negative feedbacks about your business hurts but if you dismiss it you will be doing wrong. Therefore, before the first survey is sent or first call made, you just need to make up your mind for all kind of feedbacks.

Start listening:The most important task is to decide what and how you will listen to your clients. While designing your customer survey, there are a few things that you need to consider.

What might be important?

You should ask questions about what might be important to your clients. It definitely sounds simple, butit is not. Go through this post to know what might be important to your customers.

Keep the Survey Questions as Short as Possible

Don’t add a number of questions in customer survey. It annoys your clients and affects the response rates.There should be 5 to 10 questions in the survey. It will force you to prioritise questions what is important.

Don’t Follow Marketing Approach

Questions like what is your budget next year, how many products do you need, and so on should be avoided in the customer survey. To customers, such questions indicate that the survey was just an excuse to sell to them.Response rate will decrease and hence the trust of customers get faded.

Include an Outcome Question

Some people worried about that NPS requires a large sample size to measure the customer satisfaction. However, you are really just looking forward for a good responder of customer loyalty.It is a wise decision to not get hung up on statistical analysis. Always include a standard customer survey process to get feedback from your clients. By following this action will put you ahead of competition.

After getting an overview about what to ask, it is the time to know how to listen. Here are the two important ways to listen customers.

Telephone Interviews

It is the most effective way to measure customer satisfaction rate. For this, you can hire a third party agency or an affordable b2b call centre that makes call to your key clients at the end of a business deal. For long-term clients, you can perform telephonic interview after every six months.

Internet Surveys

In current times, there area number of internet platforms out there and they offer a good way to get feedback from wide client base at an affordable price range. Social media networks, forums and review websites are some great ways to collect customers’ feedback.

Take actions to improve your business: Review all the feedbacks gathered and gauge how and what to change in your business to augment its performance. Consider connecting with the clients who made negative comments and take follow-up details to make improvement.

Let your customers know that you have heard them:After attempting the aforementioned steps, the last thing to do is go back to your clients and know you heard them.After all, clients have invested time and effort to provide the feedback. At least you can do is telling them what you have done on the basis of their feedback.

In short, you can use above listed steps to achieve b2b customer feedback success. Most of the outsourcing firmsoffer 24 hour call centre services that help your business in improving customer satisfaction.

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