Solar Power And What It Means For The Future

Solar Power And What It Means For The Future

7.5 billion People, which is the current world population and is rapidly growing with no signs of slowing down. As we evolve and move forward into the 21st century, our power consumption and needs are endless. With time we have learned to utilize almost all the resources available on the planet, with a few exceptions. However, these resources are limited and scarce; almost all the fossil fuels at our disposal such as coal, gas and petroleum are all so set to be used up in the next 25 years.

One resource we have barely utilized and is not local is the sun. The sun is basically a giant nuclear reactor with enough power to last it a few billion years. The sheer energy it radiates to the earth itself is massive. If we were to harvest the solar energy that is received on earth in a single day, it would be enough to power all electronic devices on the planet for five years. In terms of human longevity and our usage, the sun represents an infinite source of energy.

The research on solar energy and development has been going on around since the late 1800s and the first implementation of a solar-thermal power plant can be dated back to 1912. There were, however, a lot of obstacles while developing this technology. Certain parameters such as efficiency, size and abundance of solar exposure played vital roles in its development. Today there are many power plants in the world, which produce more than 200mW of power. These plants are multiple arrays of panels, each generating 5kW and connected to the grid using a net-metering system.

India is a big country, placed in a region with plenty of sunlight throughout the year. This represents a great opportunity to generate power and fulfil the energy requirements in the nation. With a backing from the government, there are many plans which help people purchase solar panels and one can buy a solar battery online India. One can easily hire installers who work free of cost and get an operational solar BOS in a very short time.

There are more advantages to solar powers than just its effectiveness and abundance. Utilizing solar helps eliminate our carbon footprint and leads to a reduction in the use of harmful fossil fuels. The usage of these fumes produces gases like carbon monoxide and methane which can cause severe damage to the atmosphere and deplete our ozone layer. The power produced from solar is pure and does not give off any by-product, thereby making it far better than any other form of fuel.

As time goes on and there will be more innovation and development in the field of solar power, and one should start utilizing solar power from now onwards. One can find online solar battery, panels, installation plans and much more to help set up a useful means of harnessing clean energy. An early impetus in the utilization of solar energy can go a long way in our survival and progress as an intelligent species as we head to the dawn of a new age in civilization.

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