So Your Company Has Big News, Now What?

When your company has big news, it’s important to think strategically about how to announce it. Different types of news require different types of content – for a personnel announcement, a product launch, or an inside look into your company culture, one size does not fit all. It’s also not only just the type of content that matters, but also the channels you choose for distribution. Read on to learn how to make the biggest splash each time.

Company & Personnel Announcements

For company news, like a new hire or momentum announcement, posting content on your company blog will do the trick. Your blog should be the go to destination for reporters, investors and others who may be looking for details. If you choose to issue a press release, be sure to write a clear summary of the news and link to the release.

So Your Company Has Big News, Now What?

Using a content discovery tool is a great way to get additional eyes on your blog posts. Outbrain Amplify or other distribution platforms are good options that put your content right alongside other recommended links at the bottom of articles on premium publisher sites.

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Product Launches

Whenever you have a new product or update, you should always let relevant journalists know what’s coming. A few pieces of earned media can do a lot for the visibility of your new product and company as a whole. However, it’s easy for your news to get buried with the many announcements going out each day. To extend the shelf life of your announcement, consider sharing on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and using amplification tools. Lastly, if your company has a newsletter, be sure to highlight your latest developments.

Company Culture

A good way to connect with your audience is fill them in on company day to day activity. There are times when you may want to announce a new office space, or share insight into your unique company culture. One of the best ways to do this is through a video. By filming your company and staff at office events or even a typical day at work, you can capture the atmosphere of your office and the types of people who work there. This can be a valuable tool in recruiting potential employees and showing dynamic company growth.

The best way to Get your video seen is through social media channels like Facebook, Vine, or Instagram. Not only can you post videos to your own company’s account, but you can also sponsor posts and get people watching your video who wouldn’t see your content organically.

As a growing company, it’s important to be as strategic as possible with every announcement. The buzz that you generate can have a large impact on your success and future growth.  Ensuring you consider how to create that buzz is just as important as how convey your company announcements. Keeping both in mind will allow you to make a statement that has impact and resonates with your audience.

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