Skin Elasticity After Weight Loss

How to tighten skin after weight loss is concerned, perhaps, of all women, which is a short time to get rid of a large number of kilogram. Really one of the causes of sagging skin and are fast weight loss. Fat off and the skin does not have time to “consolidate”. Turns that ultimately the result of a happy, well, obviously it is quite unfortunate…

Of course, this situation is easier to prevent than to think about how to tighten skin after weight loss at home or in the lounge with the help of cosmetic procedures. And if you decide to throw a few kilos, you try to do it gradually gradually. And to achieve this is not just about diet and exercise together. It is possible to enroll in a gym or fitness at home.

If the question is how to tighten the skin stomach stood still, it remains to choose a way to get rid of this cosmetic defect. Ways are many, but the best and the fastest running combination?

Does not, without the use of which aims at the body part, which has an open leather. And when it is in the stomach, it is most effective abdominal Exercise

Increases Blood Flow

So. First, with their help you to pump a little muscle, which makes the sagging skin is not so noticeable, secondly, during exercise increases blood flow to the skin, which facilitates the penetration of collagen and other nutrients, without which it is impossible to restore. Well helps increase skin diving.

Just to say that during the training may be required to prevent future more. Its avoid excessive weight. Keep your weight under control, and do not expect that already know exactly how to remove belly fat and “consequences” in a short period of time.

But back to our “lift” .In addition to training, it would be great to try facial funds. For example popular now enjoy seaweed, mud and honey mask wrap. The skin. It selected component, then this area of ​​the body, and the film becomes isolated deck. That thermal effects within safe 30-40 minutes, will contribute to the rapid penetration of the skin useful microelements, improves its properties, and improves suppleness. Procedures number, you may need – 10-15.Umbes same number of procedures needed to get rid of cellulite stage 1-2.Te you can use creams or skin tightening try peeling of coffee at home.

Good nutrition improves skin Cup massage. However not one that is carried out using a jar and a special roller massager. It may be mechanical or electric. Can be only a contraindication for this type of massage is skin disease. Than it is pimples, ulcers, erosions, using the massager may lead to infections listed in the bloodstream and cause inflammation.

And tighten skin after weight loss can help to simple home techniques. Include the following procedures.

  1. The contrasting washing. First, wash the face with cold water, followed by warm. Then put a towel in hot water, squeeze, put on your face and keep the skin clean pair minutes. Then piece ice. Other cases washing is best to use water at a temperature of 18-22 degrees.
  2. Peeling. At home you can prepare him for a mixture of crushed rice grinder and coffee, in addition to the use yogurt. Or pipe. Nevertheless finished part is salon treatments, which are the most effective – chemical peels (Mezopiling g) or ultrasound.
  3. Face building. This exercise facial muscles. After a pair of “sessions” of the skin becomes healthy beautiful color. And regular training of visually younger 5-15 years! Face building advisable to learn all women older than 25-30 years.
  4. Masks. There are a lot of recipes. For example, is be mixed with broken rice, oatmeal, nuts and banana. Mixture poured into a clean, rinse with water for steaming the face for 20-25 minutes. Then and skin moisturizer.

In difficult situations, when the skin has significantly lost its elasticity, may need help plastic surgeon. Skin elasticity regularly do a lot of famous people, John Barban did a good job of the surgeon looks very youthful.

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