Skills You Will Need When Training To Be A Security Guard

Skills You Will Need When Training To Be A Security Guard

There are hundreds of opportunities around the world which are classified under the umbrella of security.  These range from your security personnel monitoring the door at bars and stores, to those who supervise large events or even someone who guards the president!   There is an increased awareness of the need for security guards as the modern world deals with domestic threats as well as those from abroad.  You will almost certainly have heard of the array of terrorist attacks which have been conducted in recent years; everyone one of these will have provided more opportunities for the dedicated security guard to demonstrate their skills and abilities.


The first thing to do if you are considering becoming a security guard is to contact a reputable training facility such as Northern Force Security.  The best training facilities are those who are operated by people with experience in the field; this will allow you to learn more than just the theory regarding security measures; you can also learn from their experiences.

Once you have located the right facility you will need to be sure it fits with the type of role you are looking to do; the basic procedures are the same for any security position but there are different criteria depending upon the role you are hoping to fulfill.


Being a good security guard is about much more than just muscle mass.  You must be alert at all times and prepared to use your brain in order to analyze any situation and choose the right course of action.  In extreme circumstances you may even need to risk your own life to protect others; this requires you to think through a problem first and ensure you have covered every possible angle.  Despite what many people believe you will need to have a minimum qualification of a high school diploma or several years’ good experience working within the security industry.

The length of your theory training will vary depending upon the position you are after and whether you will be required to carry a firearm or not; there are obviously many additional points to consider when you are carrying a weapon and the theory training can be a much longer affair.


Surprisingly a security guard does not need to be huge.  In fact; incredibly muscular people are likely to attract negative attention.  The main requirement is actually fitness.  Learning basic self defence and how to assess a situation must be complemented by the ability to move around quickly when needed.  Being a security guard is a physically demanding job; the fitter you are the easier you will find this.


The best security guards will be able to maintain alertness for many hours; you can never be sure when a threat will materialize and you must be ready to deal with it.  This means you will need to remain calm and assess each situation logically.  The right training centre will teach you how to do this and ensure you become a first class security guard.

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