6 Great Accessories to Keep Your Pets Amused


Here is some Information about various toys that will keep pets amused. Your pet will never be bored. It includes products new to the market that pet owners may not have considered, as well as old favourites.

It’s only natural to worry about your pets when you’re away from home, particularly for long periods. With this in mind, it’s a great idea to provide a number of boredom-busting toys to keep your pet occupied. Consider the following products:

Cats Play

Multi-activity and wellness equipment are new to the market. These act like a ‘baby gym’, providing hours of amusement for your cat in your absence. Not only do they give your cat stimulation through play activities, but they relax with massagers, cooling pads and paw rubbing points. Some even provide the facility to grow grass for your feline. Fitting together to offer a number of different sections, your cat won’t find anything more fun to have around when you are not. These are available online at dyrehandel and other pet stores.

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Fountain Fun

The new pet Drinking Fountain concept is new to the market and provides clean, fresh, circulating water for your cat or dog. You can rest assured that the water is filtered pure, like a mountain stream and that it is highly oxygenated to improve health and encourage drinking. It’s great way to ensure peace of mind when you’re away at work.

Rolling Yoghurt Treats

These balls can be filled with yoghurt drops or other snacks and presented to your cat to play with. As they roll the ball around with their paws, the little treats will fall through the holes for them to eat. They will spend a long time trying to get the last one to drop through and it will keep them happy.

Parrot Swing Ropes

Designed to be soft on the feet, a parrot rope makes an ideal climbing toy for your parrot. Made of strong fibre rope with a metal core, you can bend it to any shape you want.

Hamster Playgrounds

Hamsters are such inquisitive pets and they will love the new wooden playgrounds on the market now. With ladders, catwalks and climbing walls, they will be kept busy and fit. These are also suitable for mice.

Dog Distraction

Food is a strong motivator for dogs, as we all know, but why not make them work for their snacks so that they get some fun and mental stimulation at the same time. Along with the ‘Kong’ type snacks, which have proved so popular, there are now Dog Mazes and ‘artificial grass simulators’ that make your dog or cat slow down their eating as they retrieve their dinner with paw dexterity and cunning. A point to note is that slowing down feeding aids digestion.
With a few fresh ideas, you can make your pets’ lives much more fun and full of play, even when you’re not there to entertain them. Look for these products online at dyrehandel and similar online pet shop product suppliers. Also look for healthy snack foods from Hills Pets.
Amy Pettigrew regularly writes for pet magazines. She has a large collection of animals including five dogs all of which she feeds on Hills Pets animal foods and supplies with toys from dyrehandel.

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