Should you repair or replace your roof?

The maintenance of a roof is highly neglected by the homeowner and is only given the attention when it has reached some crucial level and in most of the cases, it is all about discovering the water leakage. Deciding whether to replace the roof or repairing will work is difficult. If you replace the roof soon, it could be waste of time and money and if you delay the replacement of roof, the decking could be damaged to extreme level, resulting in costlier repair.

Repairing of roof is often considerably more reasonable and cost-efficient option where replacement is not necessary. In order to know when to replace the roof, one needs to be able to recognize the signs of worn roof and should keep it a practice to check on the condition. However, when the damage is done, one must look for some reputable roofing contractor that will take time to examine the current situation of your roof and will help in making the decision like what would be the efficient solution.

Here are some of the signs which indicates that repairing the roof can help deal with the roof issue and homeowner could delay the replacement:

1. Check on the age of the roof

Every roofing material has some predefined lifespan. Undoubtedly the condition of roof keeps on deteriorating as it has faced some extreme weather condition and continuous exposure to the external elements since the time it has been installed. If your roof has experienced some wear and tear, you just need to check on its life, if your roof has not attended even the average age, repairing would be better option and if it is near around average age one must get it thoroughly inspected to get a clear idea about its condition and accordingly decide on solution, repairing or replacement?

2. Analyze the roof issues

If you are experiencing some water leakage, get to the roof and find its source. Unless the water damage is not significant and the framework doesn’t need to be compromised, a full replacement is not necessary. One might consider tightening the flashing or replacing it while carrying out repairing project. Some thorough roof repairing if performed by skill roofers of roof repair Oakland County Michigan companies can provide with a cost-efficient solution.

3. Determine your geographical condition

The geographical area plays some influencing role in determining the life of roofing material. If your home is located in some dry or intensely hot geographical location the chances of shingles to get dried out or get cracked is higher. It is further possible that deterioration in the condition of the roof is majorly caused by extreme roof condition which cannot be resisted by the roofing material.

In case, slow decay of roof is occurring, rather than replacing the entire roof one might consider layering. However, if the roof has experienced some major decay it might not be able to support the weight of additional material. Hence, in case of decay, one must consult the specialist so they can help with correct decision making.

In a nutshell, one must not completely neglect the maintenance of roof and make it a practice to inspect it in few months to avoid carrying expensive roofing projects as in the initial stage of roofing issues; the cost of repairing is really less.

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