Serviced Apartments in London Are Great For Summer Vacation in London

There may be no Olympics games in London this year but summer 2013 in the capital city will no doubt be another cracker with the always bustling and excitable atmosphere. Whether you are coming to the city for Europe’s biggest carnival Notting Hill Carnival in August or Wireless Festival in Olympic Park in July or any of the many other events you will definitely have a great time!

If you would rather come to London and see the must see spots of this famous city such as Buckingham Palace and The Shard and the Haven’s amongst the landmarks such as a stop off in one of the beautiful Hyde Park then you have picked a great time of the year for London.

Now, are you wondering why summer season is the best? Well, the city of London does see more sunshine and warmth during this time of year and who can complain about that? Buckingham Palace also opens its door to the public and the city is alive with music and entertainment! As the famous saying goes, if you are bored of this capital city of London, you are bored of life and this is definitely the case in any of the summer seasons.

When visiting the city of London in any summer season, serviced apartments in London make brilliant accommodation options. This is because they are much more value for money! Even if you have a luxury budget, you will find the most amazing luxury serviced apartments that would show any equivalent luxury hotel room up! If you have a more modest budget, do not worry because there are serviced apartments in London for all budgets and tastes! In fact, even if you are visiting the capital city of London for business or work purpose, you are sure to get a whole host of serviced apartments suiting your accommodation needs.

 In all the serviced apartments of London, you get so much more space than a hotel room, a fully functional kitchen, living and dining spaces, bedroom or bedrooms, modern bathrooms and all the services you would get in a hotel of that standard included, such as a maid and security! And all for up to 30% cheaper than an equivalent hotel…even a luxury one!

Here are some top apartments, which might suit your budget:

# Economy serviced apartments of London


It is hard to believe how great value this apartment is! You can tell it is of high quality too! Maid and security included. And much better if you are travelling with others.

# Mid-range serviced apartments of London

Again new, chic and will make you feel so much more relaxed and comfortable during your stay in the city.

# Luxury serviced apartments of London

No compromise on luxury and in fact and more tailored approach to your travelling with many additional services and assistance!

All of these serviced apartments and others can be viewed and booked through reputable booking sites offering an array of serviced apartments in London.

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