Rooftop Lounges – Seeing The Sights From New York’s Heights

New York City is a pulsing heart of American culture, entertainment, and economic power, full of exciting possibilities and many intriguing things to see and do. Walking along the streets can sometimes feel like navigating the bottom of concrete canyons, far from the sky – but above, there is a world of rooftops awaiting your discovery, amid the free winds, with views over the cityscape, the sky, and sometimes the ocean or a river; a world that includes rooftop lounges.
There are many interesting locations perched on the exhilarating heights of New York’s skyscrapers. Their number has been growing in recent years with the proliferation of rooftop gardens. Some of these green spaces focus on flowers and other beautiful, soothing vegetation, while others actually produce small amounts of organic food.

Making good use of rooftops in Manhattan
Rooftop gardens are fascinating to visit and serve a number of practical purposes as well. They lessen runoff during rainstorms, help to keep individual buildings and the city itself cooler under the summer sun, and help prolong the lifespan of roofing material by sheltering them. However, rooftop lounges are much more exciting for many visitors.
A rooftop lounge is a place where adults can gather to socialize, drink alcoholic beverages, and enjoy the sense of space and dramatic vistas that these high aeries offer. During the daylight hours, some of these lounges are less crowded, making them a good place to stop, get a refreshing drink, and take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the view over Manhattan’s spectacular urban scenery.
When night comes, music, dancing, and a festive atmosphere often spices up the proceedings, while the high vantage point offers amazing views of the city lights and even a glimpse of the stars. Location is very important when picking a rooftop lounge to visit in New York City; some spots naturally have far better views than others.
The XVI Lounge, a noted rooftop club
One notable rooftop lounge is the XVI Lounge, located on the 16th floor rooftop of a building in Midtown Manhattan. Named both for its site and for the court of Louis XVI, whose decadent ancien regime style can be seen in the bar’s comfortable outdoor armchair and sofa seating, this lounge offers a large slice of sky and cityscape view, as well as a westward-facing prospect towards the Hudson River that gives excellent views of sunsets.
With an invigorating selection of music playing, an ultramodern and exciting atmosphere, and, of course, a fine view, the XVI Lounge is a fine instance of rooftop entertainment in New York, one that every visitor to the city should consider sampling. Return visits are encouraged by the superb panoramas,as well as the Lounge’s distinctive, friendly atmosphere. Beyond this lounge, many others also await discovery, each giving their own unique view of the Big Apple’s sparkling towers.
Hector Kravitz wrote this article about New York Bars because he loves nightlife and is an expert on New York City.

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