Review of the JJRC H37 ELFIE Small Foldable RC Selfie Drone

Review of the JJRC H37 ELFIE Small Foldable RC Selfie Drone

The JJRC H37 is a small foldable selfie drone. Prepared in pink, is perfect for surprises especially through the Valentine’s Day, trust me! If you have any plans for that day, purchase it without any second thought!

Review of the JJRC H37 ELFIE Small Foldable RC Selfie Drone


The JJRC H37 is a trivial foldable mini drone in pink. I distinguish that you do not find rc drones in that color, so that is why I said is the faultless Valentine’s Day gift! The JJRC H37 has 6 Axis Gyro toward be very steady while flying around. Derives with 4 channels toward control it over the WiFi Remote Control. The drone is prepared out of very decent quality ABS and electronic constituents of course. On it you will discover a 2.0 MP camera that could shoot 720p video, so you could keep in digital form the memories from Valentine’s Day forever! The JJRC H37 loads 76 grams with the battery otherwise 60 grams while the battery is off. Folded the drone’s sizes are 13.5 x 6.5 x 2.5cm plus when is unfolded as well as ready to fly it’s sizes are 16 x 13.5 x 2.5cm.


The JJRC H37 as we have by now stated is a selfie small foldable drone. By the camera that features you could take images by up to 2.0MP resolution otherwise shoot video by 720p. As a selfie drone, is perfect for using it for keeping record of those valuable moments with your mate. Featuring headless style, is s recovery for loosing alignment and keep shooting. IF you want to excite the other, the 3D flips that could do, will impress for certain, as it offers a fanciful aerial show. With the G-sensor that feature, the drones follows precisely any movement of you, thus you won’t care to lose it or lose you for the shooting. As well as if you want to create an astonishment to other from a distance, using the Wi-Fi real-time broadcast FPV system, you can see wherever you are going and simultaneously record it in video or in images. As well as you can fly it very effortlessly and remain steady in the air using the in-built barometer  with height hold function, thus your surprise won’t fall off.


The JJRC H37 RC Quadcopters is furnished with a 3.7V 500mAh lipo battery that can be altered. When is completely charged, you can fly the drone for around 5 – 8 mins. After that you would need about 60 mins to completely charge it again, thus have it in mind.

The JJRC H37 derives with WiFi capability thus you can connect the drone toward your smartphone by the app and watch live flowing video. You can really see in your mobile phone whatever your drone sees from high in the air. The WiFi ability is good sufficient for a reasonable drone like this, though it’s not great! You can anticipate some image freezing as well as lags, which is usual. You can download the app for both Android plus iOS platform.

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