Remember These Important Things While Packing For Your White-Water Rafting Trip

Remember These Important Things While Packing For Your White-Water Rafting Trip

Planning for a rafting trip? Well, there are some important things that are essential and can be very helpful during your trip. Here is a compiled list of all the items that you need to carry to enjoy your trip to the fullest!

Ground Blanket

A small old blanket or a tarp can be very helpful for many purposes. It shouldn’t be too bulky, but go for some light blanket that can be kept on the ground. It can be a barrier between the inside of a tent and the sandy shoes. While taking out your wet clothes, you can use such blanket to put them.

Remember These Important Things While Packing For Your White-Water Rafting Trip

Right River Shoes

While walking on the slippery river rocks, flip flops or some cheap slip just can’t be reliable. They may do fine in raft, but rarely offer any kind of support or protection while walking on river side. The best options are sturdy shoes and sandals with good tread.

However, if you don’t want to invest in new shoes, your old tennis shoes can also work great. Make sure to toss them in dumpster when you are done.

Additional Plastic Bags

A standard trash bag may do great, but large zip-lock will even be better. Dry and wet clothes in just one rafting bag may make all the clothes moist at the end. If you keep all the wet clothes in plastic bag and seal it, it protects other clothes from moisture.


Imagine a situation where your shoe turns for the worse. What will you do at that time? Well, a tape can hold your shoe together. A tape will also stay on the body if you find sharp part of the rock. While packing for raft trip, packing a medical tape, duct tape, or gorilla tape can be very beneficial.

You don’t need to bring entire roll though! Just wrap some portion of roll around some round object that you are already bringing like hairbrush, pen, toothpaste tube, etc.

Your Favourite Lotion!

Protection of your skin is very essential. Sand, constant moisture and sun may affect your skin. A good lotion that best suits your skin can be very handy to prevent your skin from any issues. It will help you to soothe the sunburned skin and conveniently freshens up river musk at end of the day.

Camp Slippers

Your rafting shoes will be wet and your hiking shoes can be bulky that can take a long time to put on. So, you will want something to keep your tootsies safe and warm at camp. Some people may want to bring their pair of socks and rain boots.

However, they may be too bulky sometimes. Therefore, you need something dry and warm for chilly mornings on river.

When the time comes for packing, it may be tough to decide what to bring. You can lay everything on some large area such as bed and then start packing. You can even see this website to get some awesome tips.

One of the good ways to pack the clothes is to roll them and pack like items in large zip-lock bags. It will save space along with ensuring dryness.

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