Rebuilding Your Life After A Personal Injury Incident

Rebuilding Your Life After A Personal Injury Incident

After you have suffered a life-altering experience following a personal injury incident, you will begin the process of rebuilding your life. Whether your incident involved a serious car crash, medical malpractice situation, or another incident, moving forward one day at a time will be challenging. To find success after one of the worst situations you have ever faced, here are some ways you can rebuild your life and begin anew.

Now What is Covered

When’s the last time you even looked at your insurance policy? Call your human resources department and ask for a copy of the policy right away, or contact the agent that sold you the policy.

All disability policies lay out specific terms that explain what qualifies as a long-term disability under their rules. It will also provide you with more information about the filing process and explains what proof needs to be submitted with your claim.

Don’t Delay Paperwork

When you’re struggling with your health, it can be difficult to find the energy or focus to get everything done. However, you generally have a short window of time to file your claim. 

Check your policy to determine the exact terms, but it’s likely only a matter of weeks.

Medical Treatment

After any personal injury situation, receiving the proper medical treatment will be vital to getting your life back to normal. This can involve not only receiving the treatment needed immediately following the incident, but also the follow-up treatment such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other treatments.

Communicate Regularly With Insurance

Even though the insurance company wants all of your paperwork in a hurry, it isn’t unusual for them to take a while to make a determination on your claim. Sometimes the delays are unavoidable due to missing information, a needed medical review, or excessive workloads, while other delays are merely unnecessary red tape.

Regular contact with the insurance company lets them know that you aren’t going to sit around quietly while they take months making a determination. Document each contact you make by phone and keep copies of all emails or paper letters, just in case you eventually have to prove what has happened in court.

Replacing Your Lost Wages

Like many other personal injury victims, financial issues you have experienced have likely only made a bad situation worse. In these situations, medical bills and lost wages can bring on the possibility of bankruptcy, foreclosure, and much more. By reaching a settlement that allows you to replace any and all wages you lost from being unable to work, many financial difficulties can be avoided.

Hiring an Attorney

To have the best chance at rebuilding your life in the best possible way, you should hire the services of a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible after the incident. Since your attorney will specialize in cases like yours, they can not only give you sound legal advice as to how you should proceed but also act as a buffer between you and a defendant’s insurance company. 

In doing so, they can help you receive the compensation you deserve. An experienced attorney can spot paperwork mistakes, negotiate with the insurance company, and protect your interests if the insurance company starts to play games. If you receive a letter denying your claim, it’s particularly important to seek an attorney’s assistance (if you haven’t already). You only have a limited time to challenge a denial before you’re permanently barred from the appeal.

Getting the Best Settlement

For many people who suffer serious injuries due to the negligence of others, it is vital to get the best possible settlement as soon as possible. Unfortunately, insurance companies know this and try to capitalize on it by offering quick settlements that sound appealing. Unfortunately, many victims jump at these opportunities, failing to realize they are being taken by the insurance company. In most cases, the money offered does not begin to pay for medical bills and lost wages. Also, many victims relinquish their rights to file a lawsuit. By listening to your attorney and being patient, you can rebuild your life with the money you need and deserve.

Moving Forward

After all, is said and done in the courtroom and between attorney’s it is time for you to take the next steps and focus on yourself. It may be difficult to not think about all the events that just unfolded, and that is ok. But it is better for you and your mental health to set aside the events that have taken place, as they cannot be changed. Now is the time to look forward to working on recovering from what has happened. Whether that requires physical therapy or counseling for you to progress, it is all worth it. The biggest thing that will help you take the next steps is your own personal mindset. Don’t look back at what has occurred and think “what if”, but rather look forward to starting a new each day. 

Though rebuilding your life following a serious incident can be difficult, taking things one day at a time and relying on the advice of an attorney you trust can make a tremendous difference in the weeks ahead. Remember to find those who are willing to support you in your recovery and that it is ok to ask for help. You are not alone on your journey and there are people around you who want to help. 

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