Reasons Behind Having Wrinkles That You Didn’t Know

Reasons Behind Having Wrinkles That You Didn’t Know

Have you been mindlessly following the latest in skincare? If you know the brands but, don’t really know what they’re made for, you have a problem. See, in an industry that is estimated by the Euromonitor International to be worth at least US$ 465 billion, with a strong potential to grow into the trillions in the next five years according to market experts, don’t be surprised if the already filled up shelves in your skincare boutique extends to the next aisle!

What you should have always known about your Skin

Don’t worry if you suddenly feel lost and uncomfortable with the thought that you may have been using the wrong products all along. Not too many consumers are aware of that fact, at least now, you are.

Before going through the compelling reasons why your aging skin may require a La Mer Eye Cream, you should have a better grasp at what happens when your skin begins to age.

See, your skin was designed to serve to main purposes — to protect your internal organs and to help regulate your body temperature. Contrary to what many skincare products will have you believe, the skin is impermeable. That means not every beneficial ingredient in your expensive beauty bottle are really making it past your epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. Only the smaller molecules, in fact, are able to seep through the dermis where all the skin renewal and regeneration processes are happening, including collagen production.

So, in contrast to your skin when, as you remember how it was, when you were younger, listed below are just some of the things that are causing your skin to age:

1. Aging skin is unable to cope with the repairs required to fix damages on the skin matrix.

2. The energy center of your skin cells, the mitochondria, starts to run out of energy. As it winds down, all skin processes, including the ones involved in rejuvenation and regeneration also slow down.

3. Eventually, skin cells begin to die. With fewer skin cells left, your skin becomes even more unable to cope with the growing demands for repairs.

All of these physiological changes simultaneously happen and then begin to feed each other . Over time, skin grows more incapable of repairing damages in the skin matrix and so wrinkles, including other signs of skin aging begin to manifest.

What Aggravates Skin Aging?

While the changes above hardly can be helped from happening, there are things you can do to slow down the rate by which you get wrinkles. That begins by better informing yourself of the factors that are speeding up the aging process and aggravating the inevitable physiological changes happening at the cellular level.

The following factors contribute to aging your skin:

1. Sun exposure. UV is your skin’s worst enemy. It’s good enough that you are putting on your sunscreen everyday but, no amount of sunscreen will ever be enough to wield power over the cell damaging effects of UV. Stay out of the sun as much as possible.

2. Products made with harsh ingredients. Lose the products that are doing your skin more harm than good. Many skincare products, unfortunately, are made with unforgivable ingredients that not only damage your skin but also risk your health and safety.

3. Dust and pollution. The irritation that follows inflames your skin. Inflammation causes your skin to age. Stay away from polluted and dirty environments most especially when you have sensitive skin.

4. Smoking. If you’ve always known about the detrimental effects of lighting up just a single stick to your health and yet managed to somehow ignore such important message, getting wrinkles from your cigarette wouldn’t happen to scare you, would it? One stick contains thousands of toxins that literally suck up your skin cells of nutrients.

5. Chronic stress. Unhealthy stress causes your skin cells to run out of energy faster as cell division happens at a much faster rate. When your cells have divided enough, they eventually die. So, stop burning out your cells due to unworthy concerns and people.

6. Chronic lack of sufficient sleep. While a La Mer Eye Cream may support slowing down aging, sleep is still the best treatment you can give your skin.

7. Poor diet and lack of physical activity. Give yourself the nutrition and tune up it needs.


The only way to find your path to aging gracefully is to be able to speak the language of your skin — so learn it.

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