Obtain Funding For A New Church

A church building fund is meant to provide the money that is needed to construct new church facilities, such as a rectory or function hall, or to make necessary repairs to existing buildings after a disaster or normal wear and tear. There are helpful steps you can follow to help fund a new church building project.
The Congregation
The first step in funding a new church building is to talk to the congregation of the church. The group of people responsible for the church’s finances and business affairs should hold a meeting with the entire congregation. During this meeting, make a presentation that details the building project. Be sure to include information on how much funding is required and the potential benefits to the church upon completion of the building. You should ask the members of the congregation to vote for or against the new building before fundraising efforts begin. It is important to have the support of the church community before undertaking long-term construction endeavors.

You should work with members of the church congregation to brainstorm ways to fundraise the money that is needed to pay for the new church building. Many churches find great success in fundraising events like potluck meals and bake sales that bring the community together. You should take time to talk to other churches in your area that have recently completed construction projects in order to gather fundraising ideas that have yielded successful results.
Building the Fund Account
Prior to raising any money toward a new church building, it is important to establish a separate account that is devoted to the building fund. By keeping the building fund separate from other church funds, the treasurer or church CFO can keep accurate records of where each donation came from, when it was procured and the total amount of construction funding that the church has saved.
Open Communication
Maintaining communication with the church congregation on the status of the building fund is very important. If your church issues a weekly or monthly newsletter to members, you ought to include a section on the status of the fundraising efforts and any upcoming events that are meant to bring in more money. The best way to keep people interested in making contributions is to keep everyone informed and involved through each step of the building process.
In order to fund a new church building, careful banking and fundraising steps need to be taken. Make an effort to include every member of the congregation as a way of expediting the fundraising process.
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