Natural Cures For Cancer – Can They Really Work?

The subject of natural cures for cancer is a controversial subject to say the least and for one specific reason – there really is no such thing as a cure for cancer, herbal or otherwise. The medical community across the whole of the world has been researching cancer for generations in hope of finding the elusive Holy Grail that cures the disease outright. However, the best anyone has been able to come up with so far is a series of effective treatment options for cancer, which range from dangerous chemical injections right through to simple herbal supplements.

This is why it’s better to approach the subject by speaking of natural or even herbal treatments for cancer as opposed to cures, as to suggest that anything out there can cure cancer outright is misleading to say the least.

Over recent years, experts have invested more time and effort than ever before in the research and development of alternative treatments and therapies to both complement and use instead of traditional cancer treatment methods. Unsurprisingly, certain approaches have shown infinitely more promise than others – the following having stood head and shoulders above the rest:


While there’s no evidence to suggest that acupuncture is able to slow the growth of cancer or get rid of the disease, it is nonetheless incredibly effective when it comes to reducing the pain caused by cancer and the nausea associated with chemotherapy. As such, as part of an overall program of treatment it is always worth considering acupuncture sessions which are safe, side-effect free and generally affordable.

Herbal Supplements

These days, there are literally hundreds of different herbal supplements on the market that have shown incredible promise in the fight against cancer and its associated symptoms. Some are known to help reduce pain and inflammation, others can actively help slow the growth of cancerous tumours and a great many have been linked with a vastly improved resistance to cancer in the first place. As such, herbal supplements are often recommended for non-cancer-sufferers as a means by which to improve their natural defences and lower their chances of developing cancer.


One of the very best treatment options of all for most types of cancer is nothing more than increasing exercise and activity levels. The reason being that the isn’t a single bodily function that can play out as strong as possible if the body isn’t given sufficient exercise in order to remain as strong and resistant to harm as possible. Exactly what kind of exercise should be undertaken and to what extent will be advised by a doctor, but in all instances there’s so much to be said for getting up and active when it comes to cancer treatment and prevention.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

It often comes across as a little on the preachy side, but it’s nonetheless true to say that nothing in the world can help any person’s fight against cancer and prevention thereof than healthy lifestyle choices. There are so many known triggers of cancer these days and yet an incredible proportion of the public just ignores them or overlooks their severity. From smoking cigarettes to drinking too much alcohol to making poor dietary and exercise choices, every single person has the ability to play a key role in their own cancer prevention with nothing more than a few simple lifestyle changes.


While it’s fair to say that the actual physical process of massaging will not have any direct effect on any type of cancer, it can still contribute toward the affected person’s treatment and recovery. The reason being that the more relaxed and calm a person is, the better their body’s defences and internal treatment mechanisms work. And the better these mechanisms work, the more effective any cancer treatment they undergo will be. It’s hard to be anything but anxious and afraid when suffering from any serious health complaint, but all this stress and strain takes a toll on the body and its ability to recover.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Last but not least, it sounds like the most cliché of suggestions and is one that’s often shot down as easy to say, impossible to achieve. However, it’s been proven time and time again that cancer sufferers who remain upbeat, accept support and make the effort to tackle their conditions head on tend to be the patients that recover the quickest. The idea of thinking positively may be completely absurd given the circumstances, but with so many avenues to explore and so much help and support readily available, there’s really no such thing as ever running out of treatment options to try.

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