Mindful Travel Into The Very Nature Of Australia

Mindful Travel Into The Very Nature Of Australia

Mindfulness is a noun used to define the state achieved by focusing awareness on the present time. This whilst acknowledging and accepting one’s thoughts, feelings and / or bodily sensations. A vacation that gives one an opportunity to enjoy the very best while being mindful of nature is therefore the greatest reward one can accord themselves.

I made a trip to the best place I knew I would enjoy the ambience of tranquillity that only Mother Nature could offer. What better place than Australia?

Australians are a warm and friendly English speaking people. They do strongly believe in the hands on mentality where they love indulging and achieving various things themselves. Interacting with them made me realize that they lay a lot of emphasis on outdoor life this being both culturally and as a lifestyle. This is partly attributed to the fact that the land mass, compared to the population, is quite large as compared to many other countries. This gives Australia one of the lowest population densities on earth.

Water Games:

The climate is sunny and being mindful of nature, most of the times the Australians spend time out on fun activities. Most Australians live within 20 kilometres of the ocean between Adelaide and Queensland and the proximity to the ocean has seen the rise in time spent at the beach and on the ocean surfing.

Mindful Travel Into The Very Nature Of Australia


One thing I learnt about the Australians is the walkabout which is a tradition aimed at connecting nature’s spirits. Sailing in from the ocean, one is attracted by the lack of Prime estate that lines most developed and developing countries coastlines. Instead, one is mesmerized by the scenery. The mindful nature of the Australians have made this beautiful country leave the coast open much to the delight of nature’s lovers who enjoy the amazing view that is the desert spreading westwards of the great dividing range and inwards to the mainland.

Great Barrier Reef:

Scientifically believed to be 25 million years old, the reef is the only living thing on earth that is visible from space. That means that it automatically becomes the largest living thing stretching some 3000 kilometres off Queensland’s coast. A dive into the ocean reveals that this is home to over 1,500 tropical fish species and 400 different coral types.

Shark Bay:

On Australia’s west coast, some 800 kilometres north of Perth lay a W shaped coastline known as the Shark Bay. It consists of white sand dunes, rocky limestone and cliffs. The 1,500 kilometre long coastline with its numerous shallow peninsulas is home to the friendly dolphins, 10,000 dugongs and many threatened species.

The mindful nature of the people has made the bay home to the world’s most diverse sea grass making it a sight to behold.

Grampians National Park:

This is home to a very large population of this rare species found only in Australia 235 kilometres west of Melbourne. As an added bonus I visited the Mac Kenzie Falls which at some lovely 30 meters is the biggest waterfall in the national park.

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