Meet Split – The Unveiled Jewel Of The Adriatic

Split city boasts of being the second largest town in Croatia. It is an enormous and life-buzzing city. Undoubtedly, Split has a lot to offer to both its locals and visiting guests. The city has a strong history that is traced back to the Roman emperor Diocletian.

Famous Sights

Most sights worth beholding in Split are in walking distance one from another. This makes Split an all in one city because a visitor can reap all the benefits of visiting Split without having to travel long distances for various features and sights. There are different sights for one to behold in Split. The city brings to the fore its blend of both the medieval times and the modern period.

Meet Split - The Unveiled Jewel Of The Adriatic

The top sights include:

Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most significant sites in Split. It has an open space (peristyle) surrounded by six discourses on both western and eastern sides.It also has a garland-decorated arch in the middle. The Diocletian’s Palace is an explicit portrayal of both old and new in one unity.

Bell Tower

At the top of the bell tower, one can enjoy a strategic and good view of Split city’s great features. However, those who have batophobia should not try to climb up as the staircases do not feel to offer much support.

Mestrovic Gallery

The Mestrovic Gallery was designed and completed in 1939 by Ivan Mestrovic, a premier modern sculptor. He built the structure to use it as his abode during summer. It was officially launched as a gallery in 1952. In the Mestrovic Gallery, you will find approximately 200 pieces of Ivan Mestrovic’s works.

Split Museum

In Split Museum – the main museum in the city – one will find more than 400 creative works that are over 700 years old. The upper section contains a collection of paintings and sculpture dating from the ancient to the modern Croatian works.

Entertainment in Split

Split presents visitors with a wide selection of clubs like Club Hemmingway, Club Vanilla, Club O’Hara, Club Bacvice and Club Ecuador. Many of the clubs here offer intense socializing at night and live accompanied with enchanting music shows. The restaurants offer delicious meals, amongst them being some of the famous Croatian dishes. Besides the casino, there are cinemas and bars too.

Natural Attraction: Marjan Hill

The scent of fresh pine at Marjan offer tourists a “green” experience, something refreshing to the mind after all the hustles and bustles of old stone experiences. The Marjan hill is wittingly dubbed as the lungs of Split. Besides the macchia, the delightful green Marjan also plays home to promenades, belvederes, and the Mediterranean florae.

One can experience an indisputably perfect view of the Marjan hill from the western cliffs. It is also possible to explore the hill by entering through the northern part. You can achieve this by renting a bike and cycling through the Bene beach. One can also enjoy Marjan hill by strolling the Zapadna Obala, the seaside promenade that complements fountains, palm trees, benches and sun beds.

Reaching Split

The most used means to get to Split are by air, car, bus, ferry or train. If you’re coming to Split from other parts of country, you can rent a car or search for buse lines. Otherwise, it advisable to land at nearby airport some 25 kilometres southeast of the city. Transferring from and to the airport shouldn’t be a problem at all as there is a choice of Split airport taxi transfer, local buses or even private taxis. Whatever you choose, the ride to Split won’t take you much time.

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