Mack Prioleau- Traveling With Kids In Florida

Mack Prioleau- Traveling With Kids In Florida

Family vacations give you the golden opportunity to bond together with your kids. The experience of traveling together gives both you and them new experiences and exposure. When it comes to traveling in the USA with your kids, Florida is the best place as it has a myriad of attractions and activities for both you and your children.

Mack Prioleau- Traveling With Kids In Florida

Mack Prioleau- experience the joys of Florida with your family

Mack Prioleau loves traveling. He is a major in Economics and a minor in Corporate Strategy and Financial Economics with Vanderbilt University in Texas. As a child, his parents took him on a 10-month world tour where they travelled to 19 countries. He remembers the tour saying that he learnt Spanish and he could fall asleep in any vehicle. He says that traveling is a wonderful experience that you should pass on to your children.

Why Florida?

He says that Florida is home to many attractions that your children will love. You have many places to take them to. Some of the notable places where you can take your kids to are Legoland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and more. If you have slightly older kids who are crazy about Harry Potter, take them to Universal Studios in Universal Orlando and let them experience the joys of the wizarding world. They can also visit Hogsmeade and get their school supplies from Banges and Dervish. You can treat your kids to Cauldron Cakes and Chocolate Frogs purchased from Honeydukes. They can even get their wands from Ollivanders. You can later take to platform number 93/4 and make them experience the joys of actually being in the world of Harry Potter!

Explore the world of Harry Potter. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck at Florida with your kids

Besides Harry Potter, you can make your kids meet Mickey and Donald at Disneyland along with their super friendly gang of Mini, Goofy and other adorable Disney characters. Magic Kingdom is another popular destination that you can take your children to. The major attractions there are Branstormer, Spin, Big Thunder, Mountain Railroad and more. In fact, when you visit these places you can relive your own childhood memories.

Legoland is another place where your children can build Lego structures. Small children can play at DUPLO spots while you see them enjoying themselves and having a great time. If you are planning a vacation with your kids, going to Florida is indeed the best option. They can play and enjoy themselves while you and your spouse can relax feeling delighted with their joy.

Mack Prioleau says traveling is fun and you should introduce the joys of travel to your little children. They not only enjoy the change from regular routine life but they learn about new places and people. You can build a strong bond with your children when you take them out for vacations. If you have not planned your next vacation yet consider Florida to be your next destination. You can take small kids and slightly older kids to this amazing place and create everlasting memories for you and them for life!

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