Lotus Temple: Beautiful Picnic Spot In New Delhi

Lotus Temple: Beautiful Picnic Spot In New Delhi

Here we have some detailed information regarding a beautiful location in Delhi which is Lotus Temple. It’s well-known that in corporate sector there are no vacations and your family and kids need some break and want to spend some quality time with you.

It’s not possible always to plan a trip with this much of hectic schedule in job so it will be better to plan a picnic or few hours of your week days with your loved ones.

In the following paragraphs I have some details regarding the Lotus Temple in Delhi, which will give you a brief description about how to reach there, history and what to enjoy there. Kindly read out the whole article to get the details.

Lotus Temple: Beautiful Picnic Spot In New Delhi

History of Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple is located in New Delhi and was established in 1986, total expanses to build is costs approx. $ 10 Million.

 The shapes of the temple reflect its name as in shape of Lotus, which makes it different from other temples. Total number of Petals are 27 and makes it a complete lotus, inside the temple there  is the pin drop silence and a big hall where 2500 peoples can be gathered together at a time and have nine doors to come and go inside this hall.

Every year above than a million visitors come to enjoy this place and attracted by the tourists mostly and appreciated this wonderful architecture of an Iranian Architect FariborzSahba who had won many awards for such a wonderful creation. Really if you visit Delhi then must go to see this wonderful creation.

How To Reach Lotus Temple

It’s too easy to reach there while you are a resident of Delhi, the nearby metro station where you can go will be Kalkaji Metro station. You can reach there from any location of Delhi via metro to there, in spite of that you can go via Uber, Ola or cab from any location with reasonable price.

There are many buses from which you can reach to there with normal fare. Or if you have your own vehicle then you can reach there with the help of Google Map easily. Youngsters prefer to go with the cycle gang or bike gang; there is a proper parking place for your vehicle which is paid.

The entry fee to visit the temple is free, and the timings to visit are 9 AM in the morning to 7 PM in the evening for the summers and 9 AM in the morning to 5:30 PM in the evening for winters. So without any delays make you loved ones to smile and plan this small picnic with your loved ones there. For any other details you can visit our official website or Google out your doubts or queries.

I assure you that this picnic will be one of your memorable times to spend with your loved ones. The best time to visit it is evening time so that you can spend some time in the garden area with some family gossips. Apart from this you can plan your dinner to the nearest restaurants or hotels.

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