Learn About Some Free Analytics Tools Of Instagram

Instagram does not possess analytics tool of its own just like other social media platforms. But there are hundreds of tools available in the market that can be used as Instagram analytics. Moreover, they are also free of cost. Let us discuss some of the useful analytics tool which can be used with Instagram.

SimplyMeasured: When you require a summary report of the Instagram account of your brand, you can rely on this analytic tool. It can provide a web based report of accounts with more than 25000 followers. The users can expect a 2 month-report with data like keyword analysis, engagement per posts, followers who are most active, filters and locations and much more. It can simply be the best breakdown of reports without any cost.

Union Metrics: Just like the Simply Measured, this is also a web based analytic tool where data and statistics will be available just within 2 minutes. Some of the algorithms are paid version but the basic reports are available free of cost. It offers critical data like the identity of the top followers and the fan, which time can be the best for posting, which hash tags are attracting more engagement and lots more. Though it is not much advanced like SimplyMeasured, you can really obtain some excellent data in just 2 minutes.

Iconosquare: This tool was formerly named as Statigram. The reports available from this particular tool can be useful to a general user of Instagram and also the accounts for popular brands for improving the business. Some of the available data can be the history of your most liked pictures, average number of comments and likes that you receive for your pictures. If you want to opt for the paid versions, you can gain the content functionality. This can allow you in creating promotions and contests for keeping you engaged within the community for increasing the follower base. If you want to know the details about the advanced functionalities, you can simply visit instamacro.com.

InstaFollow:  This tool is a mobile app version which can be used both in Android and iOS. It can provide specific insights about your follower base. The users can easily

  • Monitor the followers who are not following back
  • Track all the un-followers and the new followers
  • With just a single tap , follow and un-follow the users within the app

If you are able to obtain all these data at your fingertips, you can easily manage the followers and improve the status of your following.

Crowdfire: This is a free analytic tool which can be used for both Instagram and Twitter. It can be used both from the mobile device (Android as well as iOS) and the web. Basically the app is a relationship management tool which helps the users in identifying the followers who are un-following or inactive in nature. It also helps in determining new opportunities of the followers. You can locate relevant users depending on the hash tags and their habits and make them follow your brand. Besides, you may have taken an excellent picture but forgot to post in your Instagram account. Crowdfire can also act as a reminder in this situation. You can set reminders to upload the picture at a particular time.

If you are promoting a brand, only the social posts will not work for you. If you want to obtain the best results, you must know how to measure and track your results properly. When you obtain knowledge with the help of the analytical tools, you can take the informed decisions within your social media marketing.

Author Bio:  Michael Stuart is a popular Social media expert who works in instamacro.com. In this article, he provides knowledge about some analytic tools that can be used in Instagram.

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