Key Benefits Of Corporate Schwag

Key Benefits Of Corporate Schwag

Corporate schwag has been trending since decades but with the advent of technology, its value has increased a lot. Most of the reputed organizations use the corporate schwags to build and retain their customer database. And they usually succeed too. If you are also thinking of spending some money on corporate schwag and are skeptical about it then you should know it’s an investment. You are spending some money in ensuring that your brand image is preserved and your brand in propagated in a simple yet effective way. And heck – technologies such as pad printing makes it possible to print on just about anything these days!
Some of the key benefits of using corporate schwag are:

• Helps Creating Brand Identity:

If you have just started with your company and you are looking for some ways to attract new customers then corporate schwags are a good bet. All you need to do is to print out your company’s logo on minor yet useful things like key chains, pen sets, t-shirts and so on. If you hire the correct company to build these corporate schwags for you then you’ll realize that you can print out almost anything from a logo to a 3d image on any surface, be it a keychain or a dairy.

Key Benefits Of Corporate Schwag

•Acts as a Reminder for Existing Customers:

If you have already acquired some customers and you are seeking ways to remind them to pay you a visit then corporate schwags can also be useful. When you offer corporate schwags on an occasion like Christmas in form of little gifts like a little Santa wearing t-shirt with your company’s logo on it, then your clients would most probably pay you a visit.

• Assists in Acquiring New Customers:

Corporate schwags can also play a key role in acquiring new customers. When you put up your banners in a trade show or hand out little gifts to just about anyone who visits your store then it will help you in attracting the attention of prospective customers. As we all are quite curious by nature, a person holding a little gift would certainly wonder what your organization is about and would pay you a visit. All you need to do after then is to persuade the customer that they are in need of your product and service to add them to your customer list.

•Relatively Low Cost:

When compared to most advertising methods, promotional gifts are deemed less expensive per every impression made. The method can also bring more return on investment as compared to other types of marketing such as radio and television advertisements. The fact that they can be kept for a long time and even passed onto other potential customers is a big plus for this kind of marketing method. This is especially effective when influential people such as celebrities agree to use or showcase the product. This can be interpreted as an endorsement of the brand helping to spreading the word out to multiple people rather than the sole product recipient.

•High Perceived Value:

In giving this items for free, the recipients perceive them as great gifts which can be of huge impact on their emotional and behavioral responses. Who doesn’t like gifts anyway? You will find that this may consequentially be effective in the marketing goodwill of the recipients thus outweighing the cost of the gifts themselves.


The choice or value of the preferred promotional gifts largely depends on the company’s budget and their target group. This, however, does not mean compromising the items’ quality regardless of the stated factors above. Always pay attention to avoid providing low quality items since this can be detrimental to the reflected company’s image . You can outsource service of other companies, such as ours, to produce or supply the merchandise for you. Our company will provide printing services on about anything ranging from pens, mugs, stationary items, travel accessories, t-shirts, caps, posters and drink bottles among other items.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, organizations also use corporate schwags to say a little “Thank You” to their customers for being associated with them, which in turn makes a customer more loyal towards a brand. So corporate schwags only has a lot of benefits and no side effects. You should definitely go for it.