Keeping Your SEO Service Current

Keeping Your SEO Service Current
So you’re in the business of providing SEO service. You help your clients’ sites stay high in search rankings and (hopefully) generate some rather interesting content while you’re at it. Sometimes, it can be a relative breeze to churn out some great articles and use the right tags to maximize search results. However, due to constant updates on Google’s part, it isn’t always as simple as just following a tried and true formula. In order to make your SEO service work well, you need to keep a constant eye on trends and changes in search engine algorithms. As they update their ranking systems, it’s necessary for you, the SEO provider, to keep up with the changes. Here are a few tips for generating SEO that will stand the test of time.

1. Write Interesting SEO

a. This may sound like a common sense piece of advice, but there seems to be a tradition of writing relatively dull articles that hit all the right keywords for the sake of search engines. This greatly reduces the likelihood that you’ll generate a large number of visitors. Those who do visit will be less likely to share your post along to their friends via social media if you haven’t created something of interest.
Keeping Your SEO Service Current

2. Watch Feeds from Search Engines

a. Again, this should be obvious, but if you’re not keeping an eye on the latest changes from google, bing, and other search engines, your top-ranking page may find itself ranking poorly once a new set of practices are implemented. If you’re trying to provide a serious SEO service, you don’t want your client to find themselves kicked back a dozen pages with no apparent reason.

3. Encourage Visitor Interaction

a. When people comment on your articles, they’re essentially adding more content for you. This additional content will help generate conversation surrounding the topic of your writing and will likely bring more visitors. Regular commenter will return to see if the discussion is still moving. Keep things fluid and people will continually visit, which will help keep rankings high.

4. Offer a Diverse Variety of Content

a. Is your SEO a series of paragraphs with no other content? Try spicing things up with some images or even a video or two. Your visitors will be better able to navigate a website with diversity. Walls of text can intimidate a reader, but breaking things up a bit can make it more visitor-friendly, and this will help your ranking.
While these aren’t total guarantees to skyrocket the success of your SEO service, they’re certain to aid your efforts and keep things fun and fresh for you as you continue to navigate the ever-changing world of SEO.

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